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Our Focus

Yess Yoga, located in Minneapolis, is an inclusive and accessible community that brings everyday magic and growth into our world to create peace. We foster light-hearted and authentic connections between self, each other, and the universe at large. We dare to call our yoga classes “Intuitive Yoga”.  We personally invite you to participate in any of our classes or events. All are welcome in our community. 

An article in the Star Tribune has caused me to face some harsh truths, and I’m deeply sorry for any of the harm you have felt. Teachers, myself, and the Yess Yoga mission denounces QAnon completely. Yess Yoga is not aligned or believes the conspiracy theories shared by QAnon. We have created a new schedule which continues to bring voices that represent our mission, specifically being an accessible and equitable space for all.

We fully believe in Covid and the vaccine.  As a wife of a healthcare provider and a mom of a immune suppressed 2 year old (our kid had two liver transplants by the age of one), I am deeply concerned about this pandemic. I really appreciate your emails and questions and responding to them as they come. Thank you!


Our classes are diverse and unique and so are the teachers themself. You will find Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Curvy, Kundalini, Slow Flow, and so much more on our schedule. All taught in a just and community focused lens.

Teacher Training

We are excited to offer our comprehensive 200 RYT program this fall. Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative are all a part of our training.

We also have an ongoing 300 RYT program in a CE module form.


We welcome you to these offerings which will expand and enrich your yoga practice. Our workshops range from body-based movements to yoga theory to astrology. 


As a newer MPLS resident, I was desperately seeking a community to be part of. Thanks to a new friend—I found YESS! It’s exactly what I needed, with values in alignment with my own. If you’re seeking an all-inclusive, multi-level studio with community at its core, try YESS—you can truly come as you are, here.

-Hannah Reaume


Literally one of my most favorite places on this planet! Yess Yoga has absolutely changed my life. I always knew I wanted to practice yoga, but spent years putting it off out of fear. I finally came to Yess about two years ago, as a beginner, and Anna’s yin class kept me coming back week after week. I loved Yess so much that I took their Yoga Teacher Training last summer and it was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I’ve grown deeper, richer, and wiser thanks to this warm, loving, and accepting community.

-Alexandra Strong


Yess Yoga is a wonderful space to practice a variety of different yoga classes with encouraging teachers. It’s a warm and welcoming community for anyone – beginners or pros. I highly recommend any of their classes!

-Emily Hinz

New Studio Coming Soon!

Construction started last fall and the project will hopefully be done sometime in late spring/early summer. The new studio will be located across the street from the current studio at 101 E 26st St MPLS.

Pose Of The Week 

Half Moon Variation


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