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Embodied Ally: An Embodied Practice on Dismantling Racism w/ Gigi Bisong

Saturday,  December4th |2-4 pm | $37 

The Goal of This Workshop Is to experience what is required to truly uproot racism.

This workshop is for white women who feel called to be a part of the chain breakers. Women who are ready to break the chains of racism out of their bodies, their community and the world. Because the world doesn’t need any more unembodied leaders. And yes! You are a leader. Each of us is leading by example every single day. 

This is for you if:

  •  You want to take your allyship to a deeper more sacred level 
  •  You feel inspired to incorporate more shadow work and ancestral healing into your allyship
  • Enjoy being in sisterhood 
  • Desire a more spiritual and embodied approach to dismantling racism 


A safe space for you to distance yourself from the illusions of the world in order to come closer to your divine truth. 

An intentional community whose whole purpose is to make sure you are an ally who is deeply self aware, intuitive, and a visionary.


During this workshop you will:

  • Learn the importance of healing the abandoned emotions of your ancestors 
  • Tune into your own unique visions and medicine so your allyship is rooted
  • Learn my 6 steps on how to be an embodied Ally 
  • Be guided through a few embodied practices which will aid you in deepening your allyship
  • Be guided through an experience of healing racism out of the body 

You will be engaged in Embodied Practices, journaling,meditation, sharing, and listening.

Yoga Studio Plants

Yin Yoga Teacher Training w/ Anna & Lucia

Friday-Sunday, December 3-5th | 4-8 pm (Friday),  9-5 pm (Sat/Sun) | $500 – payment plans available 

In this 3-day immersive module, great for current yoga teachers who want CE credit, individuals wanting to learn more about yin, or people who work with individuals and want different practices to introduce for wellness. During this training we we will learn the foundation of yin. This is a slow, quiet style of yoga designed to take you deeper into your body and self. Poses are done mostly on the floor and held for 1-5 minutes but sometimes longer to deepen flexibility in your connective tissues (rather than building muscle strength like most yang styles of yoga). As you become still and relax into poses, there’s also a great opportunity to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and inner listening. Yin yoga is therapeutic for the nervous system, helping to move away from the fight-or-flight response so many of us spend our days in and instead activate our relaxation response. We use a LOT of props in this class, along with modifications and variations to make poses work for most bodies. It’s a great complement to more active pursuits and a wonderful way to prepare your body for seated meditation! 


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Restorative and Reiki w/ Elisabeth Pletcher & Lynn Salmon-Easter

Sunday, December 12th | 1:30-3 pm| $40 

Join Elisabeth and Lynn for an afternoon of aromatherapy, reiki and restorative yoga to support you having a well balanced fall season. Elisabeth will be guiding you through a restorative practice while Lynn offers individual, hands on reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique consisting of hands on energy work used for stress reduction and relaxation. It also promotes healing. When combined with restorative yoga and aromatherapy, you can give yourself and those you love, the gift of rest.


Gong Bath w/ Michele Anderson

Monday, December 27th | 7:15-8:15 pm | $20 or $15/members 


The use of vibration and sound is a critical tool for healing the human nervous system. We have all been in a state of uncertainty, anxiety, and dis-ease. These states of being tax the nervous system – both over-driving the sympathetic (flight or flight) nervous system and inhibiting the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. The yogis wisely noted that sound is the language of the parasympathetic nervous system and soothes a vata (or constant movement) imbalance. Here is an opportunity to allow your nervous system to repair and rejuvenate in a bath of sound vibrations. Class will begin with some insights about current astrology, stretching or calming yoga, and then 30-40 minutes of a gong bath.


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Bestowing Ancient Wisdom to the Modern Mind: w/ Michele Anderson, DNP, e-RYT, YACEP & Mary Bue, e-RYT 500, YACEP

Saturday & Sunday, January 22-23rd | 7-9 pm (Sat) & 1-5 (Sun)| $250 

  • 6 YACEP hrs offered 

  • Opportunity to request CEU from your licensing board for the social work/therapist/MH clinician participant

Amidst the challenges, stressors, and over-stimulation of modern times, we can tap into the wisdom of ancient yogic techniques to generate abundant health,  well-being, and peace of mind.

Join Michele Anderson & Mary Bue on a weekend immersion to explore tools,  techniques, and practices designed to improve & nourish one’s mental health. Whether you are are a yoga practitioner looking to employ more knowledge to your day to day reality, an instructor who works one on one with clients or wants to share helpful techniques in group classes, or a health care provider seeking yogic strategies for working with clients, our hope is to expand your knowledge and understanding of the mind and increase your strategies to restore its balance.  

Yoga at its core is a technique to still the mind, and this is described by Patanjali in the yoga sutras. The weekend will be formatted around the first chapter of the sutras, where Patanjali explains the mind and its clarity and attention. Friday evening we’ll experience the transformative power of sound vibration through call and response chanting of key sutras, and also discuss their meaning. We will learn pronunciation to the best of our ability and garner an understanding of some of the sutras that explain the mind. This chanting practice will be followed by a gong bath.  It is said that the gong is the sound of the creation of the universe – the purest potential. The sound of the gong “re-tunes” us on many levels, bringing us into harmony and deep levels of inner peace. These sounds work on a cellular level to cleanse and detoxify, and does the same on an emotional level. (If you are prone to headaches, please bring a hat/head covering.)

On Saturday, we will consider the Western medical view of the nervous system and the mind and begin to see the correlations and complementary relationships between the two frameworks. And we will discuss and practice breath techniques (pranayama), postures, and mantras, and touch upon purification techniques, all to promote balance and groundedness in the mind.  

Our overall objectives: to verbalize an understanding of how the practice of yoga can impact/influence the mind, and to identify the basic uses of yoga-informed interventions to still the mind. Suitable for yoga students with interest in applying to their personal practice,  yoga instructors,  mental health & health care providers.