Online Deep Psoas Release w/ Marnie

TBD | 7:30-8:45 pm | $20 or FREE for members (members-contact

Did you know that your psoas muscle is the “Muscle of the Soul”? It is a muscle deep within our abdominal cavity connected to the hips, low back, and core. It also has an important connection to our central nervous system, spine and our fight or flight response. That is why when we experience trauma or even everyday tension we often store that energy deep within the psoas. The result can lead to tightness all over the body, chronic pain and stored anxiety.   Taoist philosophy believes that a healthy psoas can awaken the spine and allow energy to flow freely through the bones, tissues, muscles and joints.  This free energy then grounds into the earth and rebounds through the body up to the cosmos. Therefore a healthy psoasis crucial not only for physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.  Deep Psoas Tension Release is a set of exercises created to fatigue the Posas and induce involuntary shaking and tremor of the muscle.  As a result, this practice can create a reset for the entire body.  The following are just some of the benefits reported from this practice.

– reduction of anxiety, anger, stress, tension and post trauma symptoms
– better, deeper sleep
– reduction of muscle and back pain
– increases mobility, energy levels and autonomy
– resolves bodies trauma patterns neurologically
– reduced anger and rage
– release of emotions from mild upset to severe anxiety
– balancing of the nervous system
– aid to healing of past injuries
– relief from chronic medical conditions
– helps recovery from addictions
– complements speech and other therapies
– improving of relationships, less conflicts
– increase of self-esteem and confidence


Online Tai Chi and Qigong w/ Keith

Saturday’s in September | 11:30 am -12:30 pm | FREE for members (members-contact or $50 for series. Drop-in’s and class pass holders welcome 

Learn the basics of Tai Chi in four 60 minute interactive online sessions. By the end of the workshop students will have a basic understanding of footwork, hand movements and breathwork. They also will be able to perform the basic Yang Style 8 Form. During these interactive Zoom sessions, think Tai Chi in the park, students will have the opportunity to practice with others virtually, ask questions and receive live feedback from Keith.

Tai Chi uses circular, flowing movements to calm the mind and relax the body. Tai Chi helps guide you into harmony and balance with yourself and the universe, while also helping with stress and anxiety, balance and flexibility, improving posture, enhancing the immune system, getting better sleep, lowering blood pressure and improving your overall sense of well being. And best of all it only takes a few minutes of regular practice a day to feel better. 

Keith is a certified Tai Chi and Yoga instructor. He was first introduced to Tai Chi living in Taiwan some 30 + years ago and later spent many years in Paris, France styling Karate, Aikido, Tai Chi, ,Shiatsu and Qigong. Currently he is studying Tai Chi under Sifu Christophe Millner of Santa Barbara Kung Fu and Master Gu of the Wudang Taiost Wellness Academy in Wudang China.  Yess Yoga in Minneapolis turned him into a yoga fanatic. He spends his time traveling, training and teaching these disciplines, all the while trying to de-mystify them and make them simple and accessible to all.