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At Yess Yoga, we explore yoga, meditation and health on a rich and

personal level. It is our privilege to offer trainings, workshops and

community events. Please join us for these opportunities which

will expand and enrich your yoga practice.


Fall Equinox Yin and Yoga Nidra

Saturday, September 22nd  | 7-9 pm  | $35

Sold Out: please email lucia@yessyogastudio to join the waitlist.


The Fall Equinox is the point when day and night are equal in length. The Earth is balanced between the two extremes of the year: the Midsummer Solstice, the longest day, and the Midwinter Solstice, the longest night. The Autumn Equinox is rich with symbolism that we’ll integrate in to our yoga practice so that you can integrate it into your life. By aligning your own energies to the natural rhythms of the earth and the suns’ cycles you can more fully enjoy rest, contemplation and renewal during the dormant phase of the year we’re moving into.


Yin Yoga is a soft, still, deep, and nurturing seated practice. It goes beyond stretching the muscles. It opens and creates space in the body while cultivating elasticity in the facial system. During this practice, we’ll tap into the meridian lines (channels that carry chi, or energy through the body) that are associated with the season of fall. Through this practice, we will create space in the mind and body that will help ease us into a rich and restful fall. We’ll end with Yoga Nidra- a guided form of deep relaxation. This experience is done in circle format with time for sharing and connecting. Register early, class is capped at 10 people. No experience with this style of Yoga required, it is a very friendly practice that welcomes all.


Vinyasa Transitions Series

First 4 Wednesday’s in October  | 5:30-6:30 pm  | FREE for members or $70/series

In flow classes, we often focus on nailing our big postures, but transitions are just as important, if not more important as the postures themselves. Learn new ways to move in and out of familiar shapes and flows, and find new opportunities to add depth to your practice. Each week, we’ll focus on going through one transition in depth, and then include skill work and lots of opportunities for repetition in a fun, playful, and energetic sequence built around it.


Week 1: Vinyasa variations
Week 2: From downward dog to forward fold
Week 3: All roads lead to side plank
Week 4: From the ground to standing

Body Love with Amber Karnes 

Saturday, October 6th  | 7-9 pm  | $35

Yess and Curvy Yoga Mpls are thrilled to have Amber Karnes co-lead this special gathering in October! Amber is a passionate advocate for body positivity in yoga and the impact if can have on making peace with body, mind and spirit.

We will come together IN community to discussion the importance OF community in yoga. Community allows us to come together with people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ages, to share in this amazing practice. But how do we find, nurture and co-create these spaces that are truly inclusive? Join us for an evening of movement and for conversation. This event is geared to folks at any place in their yoga journey; students and teachers alike.


Womxn’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Libra

Sunday, October 7th  | 7-9 pm  | $35

In this month’s Moon Medicine for Womxn, we gather just before the New Moon in Libra to explore the body, mind and heart aspects of Libra’s Great Work: The Art of Relationship. In this Libran realm, we discover the evolutionary need to surrender to carefully chosen others, to recognize the other as mirror and to cultivate a sense of harmony and peace within ourselves and with others. We will explore the embodiment of this Libran energy through gentle movement to music followed by deep relaxation practice. Later in the evening, we further our embodiment of high potential Libra by allowing ourselves to consciously become mirrors for each other. We experience this “mirroring” through a group sharing practice called “sacred containment.” Womxn’s Moon Medicine events are led by Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters. Jessa will send all participants an email a couple of days before the event.

Yoga and a Pint

Saturday, October 13th  | 10:45-11:45 am  | $20/yoga & a pint

We would love to say studies show that a beer after yoga is good for the soul, but we know it works for us! Yess Yoga will be hosting yoga at ClockWerks Brewing in Downtown Minneapolis each month. Elisabeth and Sara have sampled the beer and it is fabulous! We are really excited to partner with another locally-focused business. Each month there will be a one hour yoga class onsite with your choice of a pint ($20). Cheers!

Brianna Darling

Ignite your Inner Witch: A Halloween Practice for Women

Saturday, October 27th  | 7-9 pm  | $35

Historically, witches have been vilified by Western societies. Strapped to ducking stools and burnt at stakes, witches were associated with a dangerous, renegade sexuality and often made the focal point for society’s deep-seated anxieties about the role of women.

In reality, a witch is an empowered woman, someone who can see the nuances of the world and work with them, and who is not afraid to fight for what she wants or believes in. Witches always pay attention to their gut feelings and rely on their intuition.

Being a witch is easier than you might think- we already have it in us. All you have to do is tap into the inner witch within. In this class we’ll do just that! Through movement (gentle yoga and dance), breath work and guided visualization you’ll get to know your inner witch and learn how to channel her. No experience with cauldrons or spells necessary. All those who identify as women are welcome!


yess yoga lucia

Personal Yogic Teacher Training

First two weekends in December | dates & times below  |  $500 

Yess Yoga’s Personal Yogic Training will immerse you in yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle, ancient traditions, and a supportive community. Its focus is to unite you with your soul’s truth and aid you along your path. This unique opportunity will give you tools, support, and confidence to have a dynamic and personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat.


Special features: kosha and chakra series, Ayurvedic work (yoga’s sister practice), and more.


Dates & Times:
Friday, November 30th 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, December 1st: 11:30- 7:30 pm
Sunday, December 2nd: 9:30-3:30 pm
Friday, December 7th: 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, December 8th: 11:30- 7:30 pm
Sunday, December 9th: 9:30-3:30 pm

Yess Yoga’s RYT Certified Teacher Training

Starts January 2019 | email:  | payment plans

Here’s the deal. We want you to know your personal practice, your intuitive side, how to teach with authenticity, and learn different styles of yoga. By the end of our teacher training you will be able to teach vinyasa, restorative, and yin. We value diversity, inclusive communities, and intelligence. If those qualities are important to you, this is your teacher training.


This is a certified RYT training with a variety of teaching styles (restorative, yin, and vinyasa) and teacher support (Lucia, Marnie, Victoria, Elisabeth, and Sara).


Email lucia@yessyogastudio for more information about the unique five sections. If you are currently a teacher and want to go through any of these trainings you are welcome to join! Open to all people.

Reserve Your Spot

Please note: There is a 48 hour cancellation policy due to the limited amount of space in our workshops and often having a waiting list.