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Seasonal Ayurveda: Spring w/ Vanashree

Wednesday, February 28th | 6-7:30 pm | $25

Spring is the season that brings joy and abundance and symbolizes new beginnings. Ayurveda considers spring a season high in Kapha dosha. The Water and Earth element are in full swing to provide everything they can to create and expand nature. Similarly, these elements are creating heaviness, grounding and stability in our body, mind and spirit. Learn Ayurvedic tips on how to balance the Water and Earth element with diet, lifestyle and herbs. 

Bonus: 7-day at home Ayurvedic spring cleanse information included.





Yess Yoga Minneapolis Yoga Studio

Somatic Healing: Preparing for Motherhood

Saturday, March 2nd | 1-3 pm | $35

Join this workshop if you are thinking about becoming a mother soon or if you aspire to be a mother someday! We will dive into how to work with and through the body to heal our trauma, conditioning, patterns, pains, and anything getting in the way of being the woman and mother we truly desire someday. Healing ourselves before becoming a mother will help you to connect deeper to yourself, heal from your past, and be able to show up more fully and in the present moment for your children so they can truly thrive and you too in motherhood! Being more present and in your feminine body will help you to feel confident, less stressed, and navigate motherhood with more ease and joy.


We will look at how mental patterns, mindset, shapes we carry ourselves in, language, background, conditioning, and more affect us and our wellbeing. All of these show us how we are finding safety, connection, and belonging in the world. This class will discuss how we are currently doing these and explore ways in which we could find these things more in alignment with what we truly want, value, and care about. You will also be guided into your body to heal and find wisdom there.




Yess Yoga Minneapolis Yoga Studio

Candlelight Yin and Yoga Nidra w/ Elisabeth

Sunday, March 3rd | 6-7:30 pm | $25


Find deep rest in mid-winter with this practice which combines Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra. This event allows time for centering through asana; gentle movement leading into yin (longer held postures to find deep release) before settling in for a 45 minute long Yoga Nidra meditation.

Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation that invites you into the restful place between the wakefulness and the sleeping. Utilizing intention setting, breath awareness, body awareness, and visualization we work through our five koshas to a access a place of calm and healing.

This space is open and welcoming to people at any place on their yoga journey. Wear warm comfortable clothing. All props are provided. You may choose to bring an eye pillow/eye covering.



Yess Yoga Minneapolis Yoga Studio

Astrology & Breathwork w Amy & Lacey

Saturday, March 16th | 6-8 pm | $40 or $70 for two


Join Amy Kuretsky, from Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, and  Lacey Prpić Hedtke, from The Future, for a special  astrology and group breathwork event at Yess Yoga. Breathwork is a powerful experiential tool and process that allows deep self-exploration and transformation. Breathwork uses only the power of our own breath with the support of music and a group dynamic to access a non-ordinary state of consciousness.  with an intentional breathing practice to go within into the deepest parts of ourselves and witness whatever we find there with love and compassion.

There’s significant power in coming together in a sacred container to breathe and open our hearts together as a group. This group dynamic allows you to care for yourself while you care for your community through group healing. Because this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, please understand that issues arising from participation in Breathwork may require additional therapeutic or supportive interventions.If you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, have a recent TBI or history with seizures, retinal detachment, or any other significant health issue you’d like Amy to be aware of, please make this information known to her prior to your participation. As always, please feel empowered to discuss breathwork with your physician if you are concerned about participating for any reason.

This event will be split into three parts: time to discuss the current astrology , time to lay down and breathe together, and time after the breathing to share witness. No previous breathwork experience necessary. Wear comfy clothes, bring a yoga mat, an eye covering (mats and other props are also available onsite to borrow if needed!)
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Clase de Yoga en Español Gratis w/ Zeenyace de Yoga Para La Gente

Sunday, March 17th | 11:30-12:30 pm | Gratis


Serie de Clases de Yoga en Español Gratis.

¡A partir del 9 de octubre y cada segundo domingo del mes, Yess Yoga organizará clases de yoga en español de YPLG!

No se requiere experiencia previa en yoga. Todos son bienvenidos, independientemente de su origen o fluidez en español.

Las clases están disponibles en persona o en línea. Para los asistentes presenciales, el material lo proporciona el estudio. Nuestra primera clase será impartida por la fantástica Zeenyace .

Yess Yoga Minneapolis Yoga Studio

Yoga and Acupuncture w/ Tatum

Sunday, March 17th | 7-8:30 pm | $35


Yoga and acupuncture are a match made in the chillest of heavens. Whether you’re new to acupuncture, yoga or you love them both, this is an accessible and affordable way to combine these two healing modalities at once, each month at Yess Yoga.

This 90-minute trauma-informed yoga class will begin with a slow flow / yin yoga practice and conclude with an extended savasana needle nap. Together, the two complementary modalities will provide an opportunity for folks to relax and find balance. Tatum Fjerstad, a yoga teacher and licensed acupuncturist, will be leading the yoga and providing the acupuncture. All levels are welcome. 

Masks are optional during yoga and required during the acupuncture portion.

Yess Yoga Minneapolis Yoga Studio

Songs for Tending Our Hearts w/ Conie and Liz

Friday, March 22nd | 7:30-9 pm | Donation based


Our culture desperately needs spaces where it is safe to feel your sorrow and the weight of the weary world. Come sing through the small and large griefs in your life and give them space to breathe and heal. 

Song leaders Conie Borchardt and Liz Digitale Anderson (aka GOOD TROUBLE) hold care-filled circles for you to find freedom in your voice, de-stress your nervous system, and move your body.
Every voice is welcome! We teach all the songs call and response- just open your mouth and echo back. We’ll sing songs to ground you, heal you, and help you breathe in the days to come.
Pre-register + pay what you can: $5-$20 sliding scale (No one turned away for lack of funds; we want you there!) You can also pay on the door. 
**Notes: Because Covid is airborne and we’ll be singing indoors, we are asking folx to mask up for this workshop. Thank you!


Yess Yoga Minneapolis Yoga Studio

Sound Bath w/ Michele

Sunday, March 24th | 7-8 pm | $20 or $40/two people


According to yogic philosophy, liberation comes when the mind can be directed and one’s inner light takes the lead. Paying attention to the activity of our senses is one way to direct the mind, and hearing is one of the 5 primary human senses. When we become fully aware of our hearing sense, with a heart of curiosity, we can decrease the tendency of the mind to act as master.  Further, therapeutic sound has a unique ability to call forth the parasympathetic nervous response, as the ears are a seat for this part of our nervous system.  The parasympathetic nervous response brings forth the feelings and sensations of relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. In a world that largely activates only our sympathetic nervous responses, therapeutic sound is so incredibly needed right now. Therapeutic sound can entrain the mind’s vibration into one of steadiness and directability.

In these monthly workshops, we will start with restorative breathwork that fses on lengthening the exhale, which is another way that yogic philosophy says will mold the mind into a more redirectable form. Then we will move into relaxation within the vibrations of therapeutic sound. The instruments of gongs, crystal sound bowls, and drums will be used to create these therapeutic sounds.

No previous experience needed. Please wear comfortable clothing. If you are prone to headaches, please bring a head covering (beanie, hat, bandana, etc). Minimum age requirement is 11 years old. 



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Restorative and Reiki w/ Elisabeth and Lynn

Friday, April 12th | 6:30-8 pm | $40 or $70/two people


Join Elisabeth and Lynn for an evening of candlelight reiki and restorative yoga as we transition into winter. Elisabeth will be guiding you through a restorative yoga practice while Lynn offers individual, hands-on reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique consisting of hands-on energy work used for stress reduction and relaxation. When combined with restorative yoga this can be a space of deep rest and healing. 


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Reiki Level I Training w/ Liz

Sat, April 27th 10-2 pm & Sun, April 28th 10-4 pm | $225

Class size limited to 4


Join Liz Flavin to learn the traditional ancient healing art of Reiki. Reiki (pronounced RAY-kee) accesses Universal Life Force Energy to promote energetic balance and support healing of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. 

Distinct from other healing modalities, Reiki is passed from the Master to student through a sacred ritual known as an attunement. Attunements, also known as initiations, open the energetic pathways and allow the student to become a vessel for Reiki energy. Once attuned, a student possesses Reiki energy for life.

Level 1 is the foundation for anyone wishing to learn Reiki for themselves or to become a practitioner. Students will have the opportunity to experience this healing energy for themselves through self-treatments and while practicing healing on another person. Upon course completion, you will be certified to use this spiritually guided energy to enhance the well-being of yourself and others, including animals and pets.

Included in this course:
 -History and basics of Reiki
 -Ethics of practice
 -Principles for living a balanced and peaceful life
 -How to protect and clear your energy
 -Techniques for treating yourself and others
 -4 attunements to help release stagnant energy

 -Creative ways to use Reiki on animals, plants and so much more
 -Reiki First Degree Certification in the Usui Reiki lineage

Have a question? Contact Liz at [email protected]




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We are so excited to welcome you to a Yess Yoga special offering or training. We have a 48 hr cancellation policy. Please email [email protected] if you no longer can make it to the workshop you signed up for. If you are unable to attend class or email after 48 hours to the start of the workshop, a credit(s) will be deducted from your account.

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