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At Yess Yoga, we explore yoga, meditation and health on a rich and

personal level. It is our privilege to offer workshops and community

events in our schedule. Please join us for these opportunities to

expand and enrich your yoga practice.


Personal Yogic Training

Two Weekends in January & February  | dates & times below  |  $500

Yess Yoga’s Personal Yogic Training will immerse you in yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle, ancient traditions, and a supportive community. Its focus is to unite you with your soul’s truth and aid you along your path. This unique opportunity will give you tools, support, and confidence to have a dynamic and personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat.
Special features: kosha and chakra series, Ayurvedic work (yoga’s sister practice), and more.

Dates & Times:
Friday, January 26th- 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, January 27th- 11:30-7 pm
Sunday, January 28th- 11:30-3 pm
Friday, February 2nd- 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, February 3rd- 11:30-7 pm
Sunday, February 4th- 11:30-3 pm


 Deep Psoas Tension Release 

Thursday’s or Sunday’s in February  | 6-7:15 pm (thurs) & 5-6:15 pm (sun) |  $70/ Series 

Please email to indicate which series day you want to be apart of  (Thursday or Sunday).
Did you know that your psoas muscle is the “Muscle of the Soul”? It is a muscle deep within our abdominal cavity connected to the hips, low back, and core. It also has a important connection to our central nervous system, spine and our fight or flight response. That is why when we experience trauma or even everyday tension we often store that energy deep within the psoas. The result can lead to tightness all over the body, chronic pain and stored anxiety.   Taoist philosophy believes that a healthy psoas can awaken the spine and allow energy to flow freely through the bones, tissues, muscles and joints.  This free energy then grounds into the earth and rebounds through the body up to the cosmos. Therefore a healthy psoas is crucial not only for physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.  Deep Psoas Tension Release is a set of exercises created to fatigue the Posas and induce involuntary shaking and tremor of the muscle.  As a result, this practice can create a reset for the entire body.  The following are just some of the benefits reported from this practice.

– reduction of anxiety, anger, stress, tension and post trauma symptoms
– better, deeper sleep
– reduction of muscle and back pain
– increases mobility, energy levels and autonomy
– resolves bodies trauma patterns neurologically
– reduced anger and rage
– release of emotions from mild upset to severe anxiety
– balancing of the nervous system
– aid to healing of past injuries
– relief from chronic medical conditions
– helps recovery from addictions
– complements speech and other therapies
– improving of relationships, less conflicts
– increase of self-esteem and confidence
Join Marnie Bounds as she leads a 4 week series of this truly transformative practice. You will also learn how to do the practice at home.  There will be a brief discussion and introduction to the practice and each week we will do a brief assessment of progress/observations. No experience necessary.  Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

Body Love

Saturday, February 3rd | 6:30-8:30 pm  | $30

Yess Yoga is creating space to come together in this monthly gathering where we will use movement, community, and creativity to explore ways to love your body a little move every day.  Led by Curvy Yoga certified instructor, Elisabeth Pletcher, this circle helps us look look for ways to accept ourselves in this life, in this body, in this moment.

February’s gathering will focus on building a foundation for finding more compassion for ourselves. Compassion for others may come somewhat more easily for many of us, but it can prove more difficult when we reflect in on ourselves.  Together we will share movement, breath work, and time in community to explore what it means to find compassion for self.  In February we will also discuss what we envision this monthly gathering to encompass; what are your needs and hopes for a body positive safe and supportive space?

March 3rd, April 7th & May 5th we will build on what comes out of our February gathering to create themes for each month. You are welcome to drop into individual circles or sign up for the complete series for $100/4 workshops!

Everyone….and every body is welcome to join in, whether you are completely new to yoga or an experienced yogi.


F You-Ga

Friday, February 9th | 7:30-9 pm  |  $25 (yoga & PBR)

The 2nd Annual F You-ga is happening at Yess!  on Feb 9th  we are creating a space for people to come together to sweat and pound out their frustrations & disappointments, to rage and vent and move. At the Super Bowl, at the current state of politics, at life….what ever reason you need to rage at the world, this is the place to let it all out!   Elisabeth invites you to rage against whatever you need to release, and to let it all out in a passionate, loud, NSFW 60 minute vinyasa. This ain’t your mama’s yoga.

$25 gets you in and a 16 oz PBR, part of the proceeds from the event will go to Pro-Choice Resources abortion assistance fund and reproductive justice advocacy work in our community. Reserve your spot online as space is limited!

Women’s Moon Medicine: Sagittarius Moon, Element of Fire

Saturday, February 10th | 7-9 pm| $35

Life is a daring adventure or nothing (Helen Keller) – the essence of Sagittarius. She who engages with Life as an unquenchable Quest, seeking new and diverse experience, endless expansion of her consciousness and an ever-deepening understanding of what brings her meaning and truth. Let us gather together as women on this Sagittarian Moon night and cultivate the fiery expansion of our energy through dance (organic movement to music) and then sit together in sacred circle and each share our unique philosophies based on our own varied life experience: what we believe to be true and what brings us meaning in this life. Through our open-minded, openhearted sharing and respectful, wholehearted listening, we weave together a rich, colorful tapestry of inspiration…soul food for the journey.

Moon Medicine is guided by Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters. Several days before the event, you will receive an email from Jessa with more information about the evening.


ClockWerks Brewing Yoga and a Pint

Saturday, February 10th | 10:45 -11:45 am  |  $20 w/ pint

We are going to have a special brew made just for February! More information to come.


We would love to say studies show that a beer after yoga is good for the soul, but we know it works for us! Yess Yoga will be hosting yoga at ClockWerks Brewing in Downtown Minneapolis each month. Elisabeth and Sara have sampled the beer and it is fabulous! We are really excited to partner with another locally-focused business. Each month there will be a one hour yoga class onsite with your choice of a pint ($20). Cheers!

Women’s Circle: Forgiveness 

Saturday, February 17th | 1-3 pm | $35

Yess Yoga’s women’s circle is back for its 4th year! Winter is a great time for gathering with other women and going inward to explore our own shadow. Led by Lucia Yess and Anna Befort, this women’s circle helps us look into some of our hidden places while calling in humor and community.
February’s women’s circle will dive into forgiveness. Forgiving (whether that’s yourself or others) can be a challenging practice, but it can also be an incredibly potent act of self-love. Join Lucia Yess and Anna Befort for this two-hour experiential exploration into forgiveness. Through restorative yoga, writing, sharing, and meditative practices, we’ll dive into forgiveness from a variety of directions.
Want more? Join us for women’s circles in March and April: $90/ series
  • March 17- Freedom: The Joy of Choosing a Life that Works for You
  • April 21- Faith: Believing in Ourselves and What’s Good in the World
This experience is incredibly rich as a series, though you’re also welcome to drop into individual circles.Everyone is welcome, whether you are new to yoga or a longtime yogini.

Saturn in Capricorn for Women: Embodying Self-Discipline, Integrity of Purpose & Self-Respect

Sunday, February 18th | 7-9 pm  |  $40

Discipline is remembering what you want. – D. Campbell

Transiting Saturn has now moved into its own sign of Capricorn, where it will remain into 2020. When a planet is in its own sign, the energy is intensified. This powerful Saturnian time is about standing in full ownership of our choices, our habits, our lives and who we are becoming.


In this workshop, Jessa will give a 30-40 minute presentation on transiting Saturn in Capricorn. We will further explore this energy through guided visualization, reflection and sharing. Please bring a journal or notebook to write in (Saturn loves the grounded nature of writing things down on paper). Wear comfortable clothing that you feel at ease in. No astrological experience or knowledge necessary. This event is for those who identify as women.

Bears, Cubs, and Admirers Yoga: A Workshop for Men Who Love Men of All Sizes

Saturday, February 24th | 2-3:30 pm  | $20

You’ve probably heard that yoga is good for you, but figuring out where to start is not always easy to do. Maybe you have already practiced, but finding that place with other people like you has been a challenge. Or maybe you’ve heard of this “body positivity” thing, but aren’t sure if it includes dudes, too. This is the workshop for you. Dylan Galos, a certified Yoga for All™ teacher, will lead a yoga class specifically designed to address some of the challenges of practicing yoga in a larger male body. Through a simple, accessible, and fun practice, students will have the opportunity to practice yoga among community. Options will be available for all varieties of practitioners, from first-timers to long-time yogis. Come one, come all.


Note: This will be an affinity space, so we are asking that only men who identify as GBTQI register.


Restorative and Cello

Saturday, February 24th | 4-5:30 pm  |  $35 

The power of music is well-known.  But did you know the hidden power behind the music?  It lies within the vibrations.  Vibrational sound therapy has been used for eons around the world.  Join Marnie Bounds and Rosa Thompson-Viera as they combine the healing powerhouses of vibration and rest in this Restorative Yoga and Live Cello Music Class.  Acknowledged as the instrument closest to the human voice, the sonic vibrations of the cello offer more than a soothing lullaby. Because of its ability to reach from the warm depths of sonorities up to the highest of frequencies, the cello’s resonant chamber matches those found within the human body. Rather than playing cello music Rosa will be focusing on vibrational tones that correlate with chakra vibrations. Couple this with intentions deep  total body relaxation of restorative yoga, and you can expect profound relaxation, deep healing, and a multidimensional experience that you won’t want to miss!  

Yess Yoga’s RYT Certified Teacher Training

Starts Fall 2018| email:  | payment plans

Here’s the deal. We want you to know your personal practice, your intuitive side, how to teach with authenticity, and learn different styles of yoga. By the end of our teacher training you will be able to teach vinyasa, restorative, and yin. We value diversity, inclusive communities, and intelligence. If those qualities are important to you, this is your teacher training.


This is a certified RYT training with a variety of teaching styles (restorative, yin, and vinyasa) and teacher support (Lucia, Marnie, Victoria, Elisabeth, and Sara).


Email lucia@yessyogastudio for more information about the unique five sections. If you are currently a teacher and want to go through any of these trainings you are welcome to join! Open to all people.

Reserve Your Spot

Please note: There is a 48 hour cancellation policy due to the limited amount of space in our workshops and often having a waiting list.