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At Yess Yoga, we explore yoga, meditation and health on a rich and

personal level. It is our privilege to offer workshops and community

events in our schedule. Please join us for these opportunities to

expand and enrich your yoga practice.

Yess Yoga’s RYT Certified Teacher Training

Starts Fall 2017| email:  | payment plans

Here’s the deal. We want you to know your personal practice, your intuitive side and teach with authenticity, and learn different styles of yoga so you can teach vinyasa, restorative, and yin. We value diversity, inclusive communities, and intelligence. If those qualities are important to you as well, this is your teacher training.


This is a certified RYT training with a variety of teaching styles (restorative, yin, and vinyasa) and teacher support (Lucia, Marnie, Victoria, Elisabeth, and Sara).


More information below about the individual five sections. If you are currently a teacher and want to go through any of these trainings you are welcome to join! Open to all people.


Fall Equinox Yin and Yoga Nidra


Saturday, September 23rd  |  7-9 pm  |  $30

The Autumn Equinox is the point when day and night are equal in length. The earth is balanced between the two extremes of the year: the Midsummer Solstice, the longest day, and the Midwinter Solstice, the longest night. The Autumn Equinox is rich with symbolism that we’ll integrate in to our yoga practice so that you can integrate it into your life. By aligning your own energies to the natural rhythms of the earth and the suns’ cycles you can more fully enjoy rest, contemplation and renewal during the dormant phase of the year we’re moving into.


Yin Yoga is a soft, still, deep, and nurturing seated practice. It goes beyond stretching the muscles. It opens and creates space in the body while cultivating elasticity in the facial system. Join Brianna Darling to create space in the mind and body that will help ease you into a rich and restful fall. We’ll begin the practice with ritual and end with Yoga Nidra- a guided form of deep relaxation. No experience with this style of yoga required, it is a very friendly practice that welcomes all. Come as you are, just remember to pre-register and pre-pay, this class will be capped at 15 students.

Intuitive and Authenticity Training

Friday & Saturday’s in October | dates & times below  | $400

Have you ever noticed that not matter how hard you try to make certain things happen it seems as if you are getting nowhere? Or maybe you have had moments of profound insight where just the opposite is true and when you are not even trying and just being yourself everything seems to fall in place. Join us to learn how to recognize and harness the natural abilities of intuition and authenticity that can make anyone a great leader, than this training is for you.


This training is not just for yoga teachers, it is for all people who want to get more out of life. Whether you are a nurse, a retiree, a parent, in corporate, or own your own business this training will get you to know your passions, creativity, and highest self. Not only will you learn specific techniques, practices and meditations to build your intuition and connect to your authenticity, but you will also learn how being your authentic self helps to guide others to do the same. When you are done with this training you will be able to be more intuitive about your work and life. Just watch the results!


Lead by Lucia Yess and Marnie Bounds

Friday,  October 6th 7:30-9:30 pm

Saturday, October 7th 11:30-7:30 pm
Friday, October 13th 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, October 14th 11:30-7:30 pm

Moon Medicine for Women: Moon in Gemini, Element of Air


Sunday, October 8th | 7-9 pm  |  $35

The essence of high Gemini energy is a radically open, curious mind; the hunger for new information and experience; and the desire to tell about it – to communicate. Gemini has a deep affinity with language.


Gemini resonates with the element of Air and is sensitive to vibration. In this Moon Medicine, Jessa will give a short talk on Gemini and the current phase of the moon. We will experiment with the embodiment of Gemini energy through mantra (chanting) set to music. Exploring the vibrations through stillness, organic movement, our own voices and/or playing instruments (shakers, rattles and drums). The energy and intention of this mantra set to music is very Geminian: to cultivate lightness of heart and youthful energy. We will close our evening sharing with each other about our experience.


Women’s Moon Medicine events with Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters, are opportunities to learn more about a particular astrological energy, experiment with the embodiment of that energy in our own bodies and share in community with open-minded, soulful women on paths of growth.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training


Saturday & Sunday’s in October | dates & times below  |  $400

Ancient Yogi’s knew that stress was the major cause of illness and dis-ease in the body, and thus created a entire system of wellness to clam the nervous system, increase the flow of prana (life-force), and promote overall mental and physical wellbeing. However, our modern world is even more stressed than ever before in history. That’s why Restorative yoga was created, to counteract the extreme demands of modern living. Join Marnie at Yess Yoga to learn the techniques, poses, and science behind this practical and vital yoga practice. Over two weekends you will learn about setting the mood for total body relaxation, restorative yoga poses, how to use props to support students, and the science behind rest and stress. This training is unique and is intended for you to become a more diverse and inclusive yoga teacher.


Friday, October 20th: 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, October 21st: 11:30-7pm
Friday, October 27th: 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, October 28th: 11:30-7pm

Clockwerks Brewing Yoga

Saturday, October 21st | 10:45-11:45 am | $20 w/ pint

We would love to say studies show that a beer after yoga is good for the soul, but we know it works for us! Yess Yoga will be hosting yoga at ClockWerks Brewing in Downtown Minneapolis each month, class starts at 11am. Elisabeth and Sara have sampled the beer and it is fabulous! We are really excited to partner with another locally-focused business. Each month there will be a one hour yoga class onsite with your choice of a pint ($20). Cheers!

ClockWerks Brewing Yoga Class

Saturday,  November 6th | 10:45 -11:45 am  |  $20 w/ pint

We would love to say studies show that a beer after yoga is good for the soul, but we know it works for us! Yess Yoga will be hosting yoga at ClockWerks Brewing in Downtown Minneapolis each month, class starts at 11am. Elisabeth and Sara have sampled the beer and it is fabulous! We are really excited to partner with another locally-focused business. Each month there will be a one hour yoga class onsite with your choice of a pint ($20). Cheers!

Vinyasa Training

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s in November & December | $1400

Our vinyasa training is for the students who are doing our complete teacher training. We will lead you trough a creative sequence and how to build your own class. You will learn from Victoria, Elisabeth, and Sara. It is an incredible training for all levels and abilities.


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Friday & Saturday’s in January | dates & times below  |  $400

Marnie and I are beyond excited to bring you yin training. In this 20 hour training you will learn multiple ways to enhance your practice and make it available and enjoyable for others. Together we believe our training will give you a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the immense benefits of yin yoga. Please join us for this training if you are currently a yoga teacher, want to begin Yess Yoga’s teacher training or want to deepen your yin yoga practice.



Dates & Times:
Friday, January 12th- 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Saturday, Januaryy 13th- 11:30 am-7:30 pm
Friday, January 19th- 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Saturday, January 20th- 11:30 am-7:30 pm

Personal Yogic Training

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s in January /February | dates & times below  | $500

Yess Yoga’s Personal Yogic Training will immerse you in yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle, ancient traditions, and a supportive community. Its focus is to unite you with your soul’s truth and aid you along your path. This unique opportunity will give you tools, support, and confidence to have a dynamic and personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat.
Special features: kosha and chakra series, Ayurvedic work (yoga’s sister practice), and more.

Dates & Times:
Friday, January 26th- 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, January 27th- 11:30-7 pm
Sunday, January 28th- 11:30-3 pm
Friday, February 2nd- 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday, February 3rd- 11:30-7 pm
Sunday, February 4th- 11:30-3 pm

Reserve Your Spot

Please note: There is a 48 hour cancellation policy due to the limited amount of space in our workshops and often having a waiting list.