Astrology & Movement for the Spring Equinox: Season of Healing & Growth w/ Andrea Grace

Saturday, March 20 | 1-3 pm | $25/member or $30 

This workshop offers a combination of intuitive movement & discussion about the astrological implications of the springtime season. We will explore the connection between Zodiac signs and the anatomy of the human body, as well as current astrological transits and their relevance to our personal wellbeing during this season of brightness and change. 

Our time together will include: 

Overview of current transits 

Open astrology Q & As

Viniyoga sequence based on the signs of the Zodiac

Yin sequence based on current planetary transits

Guided relaxation based on the houses of the Zodiac


A warm welcome to people at any & all levels of yoga experience & astrology knowledge!

Creative Sequencing w/ Meghan Foley, Lucia and Mary Bue

Friday-Sunday,  April 16-18th | 9-5 pm| $500 – payment plans available 


During this teacher training module, we will learn mudras for a day. Dive into the Yoga Sutras. Focus on topics rooted in Yoga theory, and practice teaching. Email for more details.