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We are thrilled to collaborate with these talented, trauma-informed practitioners. They excel in their specific arena and we’d love for you to receive care with them.

The building has three treatment rooms on the second floor. Currently we are full. If interested in learning more for future partnering, contact us at [email protected].


Massage Therapy

I design a massage specific to your needs, whether you want to relax or work on a more targeted area using a variety of massage styles. My philosophy is to always remain client centered. I want to hear from you and what you would like to get out of your experience with me. I believe that your body and needs are unique to you and together we can find the best ways in which to support this. Choose from either a 60, 75, or 90 min session.

All massages take place at Yess Yoga’s Kapha wellness room (address located on contact page). If you are interested in at home massage please contact me to make further arrangements. Please also contact me if you are experiencing any type of financial hardship that would prevent you from paying the listed prices. It is important to me to provide body work that is accessible and I don’t want payment to be a barrier for those that could truly benefit from body work services.

Book with Sarah: www.soulsticeyogaandbodywork.com

MARY (she/her)


Bloom Holistic Skincare, founded by Mary Harrington Noble, in early 2021. Mary has been practicing esthetics since 2015, after having graduated from the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute of Minneapolis. Benefit Cosmetics began Mary’s career as a Brow Arch Expert, offering her very technical brow skills right away. Alas, the spa life called, leading her back into Aveda’s arms with Juut SalonSpa. Mary deepened her passion for esthetic work, through her almost 6 year time with Juut, and developed a myriad of skills through the education provided, leaving her an experienced Senior Esthetician. Indeed Mary’s appreciation for education brought her back to the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute of Minneapolis in early 2021, as an Esthiology Instructor.As a third generation entrepreneur, Mary always knew when the time was right, she’d pursue her own practice. Bloom Holistic Skincare quite literally bloomed out of the desire to create a sacred and safe space for anyone to come regenerate themselves, rest for a while, and leave feeling refreshed and replenished. Working in harmony with plant and flower essences, life force energy, and joy have always deeply mattered to Mary. Her practice offers facials featuring the Cosmedix clean, clinical and luxurious skincare line. Various massage and pressure point work, utilizing customized essential oils have always been an integral part of any facial service offered by Mary. Bloom uses a creamy, sensitive, soft wax for all facial and body waxing; and will always happily offer lessons on how to fill in one’s brows, post wax!! Mary is beyond thrilled to begin this next journey at Yess Yoga, a deeply therapeutic space, that seemed to serendipitously come out of thin air! Welcome to Bloom!!Book with Mary:

Timmy (they/them)

Massage Therapy

I am a massage therapist, yoga instructor and dancer. I am in love with these vessels – learning how to move, relax and heal as our bodies change and shift! I am committed to holding space that is body-positive and trans/queer inclusive to facilitate therapuetic release and overall relaxation.

I come to bodywork with over a decade’s worth of experience with the moving body as a professional dancer and yoga teacher. I employ a wide range of manual therapies; these include deep tissue, thai massage, shiatsu, trigger point work, and craniosacral therapy. Through communication and some movement, we can work together to design a session tailored to your specific needs and desires. 

I want to empower you to live in your body fully and with less pain; expect to leave treatment feeling lighter, more connected with your body, and with a sense of autonomy in your own health and wellbeing. Book today with the link below!



Emily (SHE/HER)

Innerwork Guide: Somatic & Energy Healing/Astrology/Holistic Healing

Emily Johnson, RN-MSN, RYT, Motherhood Midwife, founded Awakened Mother with the intention to support humans on their healing journey to become the best version of themselves. When we are at our best, our children and relationships can thrive.  

Emily offers private healing and coaching sessions, Awakened Mother Programs, classes, and retreats. Classes currently include: Awaken to You, Call in Baby: Prepare for Sacred Motherhood, Awaken the Mother: Pregnant and Preparing for Sacred Motherhood, and Healing the Mother wound. Learn more about these offerings on the workshop page. These workshops are open to all birthing folks.

Emily’s work focuses on helping you come home to yourself and find a true sense of belonging, safety, connection, and joy. By working with the body and mind together we can heal trauma, pain, and stress and transform ourselves to experience more joy, connection, and aliveness. We do this through integrating somatic experiencing, energy healing, astrology, holistic coaching, intuitive guidance, and spirit. 

Check out Emily’s website to sign up and see upcoming offerings. You can even book a FREE discovery call to learn more, book an astrology reading or sign up for one of the programs.

There is a 10% discount for Yess Yoga members until June, 2023.

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Lynn (SHE/HER)

Reiki Master/Healing Touch Practitioner

“When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love.“
-Thich Nhat Hanh

For years, I have been personally exploring and deepening my own understanding of self-care and wellness. Self-care is a form of self-love. I have learned from my own journey, when I come back to self-care and love again and again — I return to my true and essential nature of non-judgment, joy and peace. I would like to help others to do the same. I feel called to be a practitioner and to spread love!

As a highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic person, I create a session that is uniquely yours. If your energy is blocked or is not flowing smoothly — you will likely experience symptoms or feel out of balance. Using my skills as a Reiki Master and my knowledge in Healing Touch, I work with you to balance, harmonize and clear your energy by following your body’s unique energetic needs.

Reiki accesses healing on a subconscious, nonverbal and energetic level. Working in this way allows you to let go of unwanted energies and negative emotions that have kept you stuck and confused in your life.

As a treatment, Reiki addresses healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you have not yet resolved your health concerns with other forms of treatment, you likely can benefit from an energy healing session — especially if you are highly sensitive or an empath — meaning you feel the emotions of the world and others as your own. One of the most beneficial results of a Reiki session is deep relaxation. When our bodies relax deeply — they naturally heal.

In-person, distance, and reduced rate Reiki sessions are available.

Learn more and book with Lynn: