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Our Minneapolis studio, Yess Yoga, has thoughtful teachers that bring their unique personality and style to every class.


As a group, we have been trained around the globe and in a variety of styles including vinyasa, yin, restorative, Curvy, hatha, yoga therapy, Kripalu, Street Yoga, ashtanga, acroyoga, and trauma sensitive yoga. We have a passion for life and community. We look forward to share our classes with you.



 Vinyasa, Yin, and Owner

Lucia (she, her, hers) has traveled around the globe in her pursuit to learn all she can about the art of yoga. She has studied ancient approaches to the practice and realized yoga is more than a workout. It is a way of life. Lucia’s classes are focused on integrating a healthy mind, body and soul, both on and off the mat. By applying the principles of yoga to everyday life, Lucia has found a deeper sense of peace and happiness. Her goal is to help others discover a new level of contentment.


Curvy,  Slow Flow,  Beginner, and Studio Manager

Elisabeth began practicing yoga 10 years ago, and quickly fell for the practice which help her shed years of negative body image issues. Her desire to teach grew from understanding how it feels to practice yoga in a body doesn’t fit prescribed yoga stereotypes and her goal is to help students come to the mat from a place of acceptance where ever they are at in their yoga journey.


She works to provide support and modifications for yogis in bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities and her classes are low key and accessible and fun.  Elisabeth is the founder of Yess’ monthly Body Love Gathering, and teaches Curvy, Slow Flow, Yin and Restorative. In addition to yoga, Elisabeth teaches reformer pilates and enjoys spending time with her grown daughters and their partners, cooking for friends, camping or dreaming of her next trip.



Victoria has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and teaching for over seven. With a background in Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles, her classes tend to be physically challenging but lighthearted, in an effort to help students to explore their practice in a different way.  Victoria aims to incorporate yoga philosophy into her classes, as well as to encourage her students to take their yoga off of their mats.  Outside of yoga, Victoria also teaches Geography at a local community college and is involved in advancing sustainability at the college and in the Twin Cities.


Yin, Restorative and Kundalini

I first stepped onto a yoga mat almost 20 years ago having no idea what a profound impact this ancient technology would have on my life. When I first began, I was in search of figuring out who I was and what defined me. Today I know that I can never truly define myself because I am always in constant creation. Yoga has taught me that a good portion of the journey is not trying to figure out ‘who I am’ but letting go of who I am not. By letting go which is not me, I create space for the inspiration and creation that is me.


At the point in my journey, I teach teachers and students yoga in the styles of Yin, Restorative, Kundalini and yoga for health and healing. To me it is all yoga. The spiritual science of bringing the little self in union with the big Self. Today parts of me are a teacher and a student, tomorrow I might just be an artist and a farmer. At my core, I like to make things and help people. At the end of the day we are all stars wrapped in skin, here for a human experience. Yoga happens to be the template which guides me on how to make the best of it. Sat Nam




Sara has been practicing yoga for more than ten years; she has spent time in the back row, front row, and pretty much every row in between. In winter 2014, she decided it was time to learn what it was like to practice from the teacher’s row. Sara loves to experience how each Yess student makes every class special and unique.



Anna discovered yoga in 2003 as a perfect balance to the always-in-her-head rigors of magazine editing, and since then it’s become a way of life. She loves yoga’s potential to help people find calm, clarity, and vitality in an often-chaotic world, and her yin classes offer students an opportunity to slow down and connect more deeply to themselves and their own wisdom. She’s also honored to be the co-founder and co-facilitator of Yess Yoga’s women’s circle. When she’s not on her mat, you’ll usually find her writing, playing in the dirt, traveling the world, or dancing up a storm at Dance Church.



Vinyasa and Slow Flow

We are human beings, not human doings. Crystal (she/her/hers) believes in the transformative and healing power of resisting all the eternal messages about “doing” and nourishing our inner authentic “being.” Through her yoga classes, she invites you to join her in a radical self-care practice of slowing down, deepening our breath, and being present with our emotional, physical, mental, and energetic bodies. When not practicing and teaching yoga, Crystal can be found exploring other avenues for community healing or grassroots education for social change, attempting photography, or painting in her studio. Her current dream is to build a community center for healing justice and would love to hear your thoughts. Let’s breathe, be, and dream together!



Anne is a nomadic yogi from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Completion of her first 200-hour teacher training in 2013 changed the trajectory of her life. No longer wanting to fit into the 9-5 corporate lifestyle, she bough a one-way ticket to India in January of 2014 and co-founded www.TheYogaNomads.com. She has been traveling and teaching ever since.


With a desire to cultivate a deep sense of mindfulness in each class, Anne encourages her students to bring conscious awareness to their breath to as they move their bodies. She holds space for self-inquiry and examination of the practice with curiosity and patience. Her classes offer alignment-focused cues sprinkled in with philosophy and breath work.


“This is THE best yoga studio in the metro area! I loved the atmosphere and the instructors. By far the best classes I have ever taken!”

-Terra Cole




Teaching beginner through advanced yoga, Annie pays particular attention to alignment and safety as students move from posture to posture, connecting breath with movement, while finding stillness in the mind. Annie encourages students to focus their energy inward and to be active participants in creating their own experience by listening to their bodies and drawing awareness to both the physical and mental practice of yoga. Annie holds a MA in Gender and Peace Building and a MPH in Global Health. In 2013, Annie married her passions for yoga and international health by co-founding Firefly Yoga International, a nonprofit which uses yoga as the public health intervention for survivors of trauma: www.fireflyyoga.org. Through Firefly, she co-facilitates a 30-hr trauma-informed yoga training for teachers and social service providers across the country. In November 2016, Annie completed training to become a certified Health and Wellness Coach. She thrives on building strong communities locally and globally!



I am so excited to teach yin yoga. I took my first yin class as an alternative approach to alleviating carpel tunnel and tendinitis symptoms. Yin helped me with this tremendously. I believe in yin yoga’s power to heal. Whether it is the body opening up on a physical level or a release from some place deeper, I love the transformation that can happen in a yin yoga practice. Outside of yoga, I love plants (I have over 40 house plants!), painting, animation and of course, coffee! 




Slow down, shut up; four words to summarize my classes. Dylan (he/him/his) is a scholar, activist, athlete, geek, and most of all a human. Yoga brings Dylan a grounding home base, humbled by over a decade of practice. Dylan is a health researcher by day and seeks to integrate evidence-based principles of movement into his teaching and challenges students to go off of the script. Dylan completed his training at the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing, and has completed more than 200 hours of continuing education in anatomy, biomechanics, study of the Himalayan tradition of hatha yoga and in adaptive practices. He is a Yoga for All certified teacher, a member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition leadership team and seeks to brings inclusivity, science, and kindness into the yoga classroom. When not practicing yoga, Dylan enjoys lifting weights, biking, and riding scooters and motorcycles. He hopes that students leave his class able more grounded and aware of their choices.



Paige began taking yoga classes in high school, with the goal of increasing flexibility and body awareness after suffering repeated running injuries. In addition to yoga classes, her hometown studio offered yoga philosophy discussions, where she learned about the philosophical system that defines the practice of yoga. Now, this philosophy weaves its way into the classes she teaches, and her daily life. Paige began her 200 hour teacher training in 2013 and has been teaching since 2014. Paige’s classes emphasize creative movement, playfulness, and self-acceptance.



Slow Flow and Yin

Tara has always been drawn to yoga, but moving to Minneapolis in 2013 gave her the push she needed to deepen her practice. She calls many places home and is grateful to call Minneapolis one of them. As a traveler, yoga keeps her grounded while also giving her the curiosity to explore both on and off the mat. She guides her students to connect with their playful and intuitive nature in a cozy, welcoming, and supportive space. She loves animals, airplanes, candles, and coffee.



Melissa’s yoga journey began back in 2010 while earning her BA degrees in NYC for Dance and Psychology. The shift towards a more spiritual, holistic approach to movement and life immediately intrigued her as someone who grew up going to church and pondering the mysteries of life at a very young age. Later she began taking a variety of yoga and meditation courses around NYC and committed herself to becoming a conduit for healing and enhancing the health and lives of others around her.  Melissa is now a passionate yoga instructor and reiki practitioner with advanced training in areas such as Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga principles. No matter what style class Melissa is teaching her hope is that each student becomes just a little more connected to the divine within them, where all the answers they will ever search for reside.  




Tyler, a lifelong competitive athlete, started practicing yoga in 2008 to stretch as a counterbalance to triathlon training.  He immediately realized that yoga had more to offer than just loosened muscles.  As his practice grew, he noticed that he slept better, had more energy, spent less time injured and sick, and was calmer off of his mat.  Tyler completed teacher training in the winter of 2010.  He continues to study yoga and is inspired by a love of the mind/body connection and the endless process of self-discovery.


Moon Medicine Workshops

Jessa has traveled down many roads in her study and practice of wisdom traditions (and the journey continues on!). Her classes and workshops reflect over a decade of questing in the realms of yoga, Buddhist teachings and meditation, traditional Chinese medicine, evolutionary astrology, women’s spirituality, sound healing and ecstatic dance. Jessa shares with her students what most deeply strengthens and supports her own life. Her offerings are rooted in direct experience and born of the intention to inspire and support flourishing growth, authenticity and joy.


This is a great time to join the Yess Yoga community.

We are located in the vibrant Eat Street neighborhood.