Meet Our Teachers

Our Minneapolis studio, Yess Yoga, has wise and thoughtful teachers that bring their unique personality and style to every class. We have a passion for being your inclusive third space. All are welcome. Let’s practice!

Collectively, we have been trained around the globe and in a variety of styles including: vinyasa, yin, restorative, Curvy, trauma sensitive yoga, hatha, yoga therapy, Kripalu, Street Yoga, ashtanga, and acroyoga.

alicia (She/Her)

Vinaysa & Teacher Trainer

In love with the concept of balance, Alicia first saw yoga as a natural counterpart to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since.  Alicia completed teacher training in 2017, a 30 hour advanced sequencing training in 2018, and a 75-hour advanced level training called “The Art of Teaching Kula Style Yoga: or deconstructing creative alignment based flow with intelligence and precision” in 2019.

Her approach to yoga is focused on developing a symbiotic relationship between movement and breath. Allowing space for the body to work as a whole is near and dear to her heart. An exuberant and inquisitive individual, Alicia strives to bring both characteristics into her classes. In addition to yoga, Alicia also loves contortion, rock climbing, reading, HIIT, and tennis. She is thrilled to be teaching and hopes to see you soon.

Alicia completed training in trauma informed yoga and teaches classes in a trauma aware style.

Anna (She/her)

Yin & Teacher Trainer

Anna discovered yoga in 2003 as a perfect balance to the always-in-her-head rigors of magazine editing, and since then it’s become a way of life. She loves yoga’s potential to help people find calm, clarity, and vitality in an often-chaotic world, and her yin classes offer students an opportunity to slow down and connect more deeply to themselves and their own wisdom. She’s also honored to be the co-founder and co-facilitator of Yess Yoga’s women’s circle. When she’s not on her mat, you’ll usually find her writing, playing in the dirt, traveling the world, or dancing up a storm at Dance Church.

Annie (she/her)

Slow Flow & Vinyasa

Annie Maria Aguilar (she/her) is in love with creative embodiment. Her body, dance, and yoga studies have taken her to California, Vermont, Argentina, New York, and now Minneapolis. She began practicing Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga over 9 years and has trained in modern dance, ballet, somatics, and the creative process for over 20 years. For Annie, the through-line between her dance and yoga practice is an immense love and respect for human bodies – their unique anatomy, identities, emotions, and expressions. Annie believes in  community movement as an entry point into healing, resilience building, and joy.

Annie earned a B.A. in Neuroscience from Middlebury College and completed training as a birth/postpartum doula. She has worked in child/youth education for the past six years. She currently studies Chiropractic medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University and teaches weekly classes at Yess Yoga.


ASH (SHE/her)

Slow Flow, Yin, & Restorative

Ash began her journey as a yoga teacher in order to deepen her understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection that yoga helps to clarify. Since 2018, she has been teaching in studio and community spaces where she hopes to share with her students the peace, mindfulness, and self-acceptance she has found through her own practice.

Ash believes that all people deserve to experience the benefits of yoga, and works to make her classes accessible and inclusive for every body, background, and ability level. She is especially interested in exploring how asana and meditation practices allow people to care for themselves so that they can better care for one another and our world.

Cecely (they/them)

Slow Flow, Yin, & Restorative

Looking for a gentle and intuitive way to move that wasn’t focused solely on fitness or the physical body, Cecely began practicing yoga in 2013. They have continued to practice because, for them, yoga facilitates connection with themselves and their community. Cecely strives to teach and practice in a way that is trauma-informed and true to yoga’s roots in social justice and equity. Cecely’s classes are designed to be options-based, offering people in all kinds of bodies full autonomy in choosing movements and shapes. Cecely is thrilled to be teaching and hopes to foster community through movement, breath, and intention, all while respecting the culture and philosophy of yoga.

Cecely completed training in trauma informed yoga and teaches classes in a trauma aware style.

Claire Fleming Sivongsay

Claire (she/her)

Slow Flow

Claire is fascinated by the connection between movement and emotions, between body, mind and spirit. Growing up in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, her first love was dance – being able to tell a story just through the body’s movement and expressions. She’s taught dance since 2006, and loves teaching adults – especially beginners who think they may have missed their chance to learn. She first explored yoga in college, seeking ways to find peace, flexibility, and strength. She truly fell in love with teaching after taking the trauma-informed yoga instruction training. This led her down a path to understand more about important role that yoga and movement plays in helping to regulate and soothe our nervous systems, bodies, and minds.

Claire completed trauma-informed teacher training as well as a certificate in Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapies through the Embody Lab. She teaches trauma-informed slow flow yoga. Besides yoga and dance, she’s passionate about public health and volunteers as a street medic with Northstar Health Collective.

Elisabeth (She/her)

Curvy, Slow Flow, Beginner, Studio Manager & Teacher Trainer

Elisabeth began practicing yoga 10 years ago, and quickly fell for the practice which helped her shed years of negative body image issues. Her desire to teach grew from understanding how it feels to practice yoga in a body that doesn’t fit prescribed yoga stereotypes and her goal is to help students come to the mat from a place of acceptance wherever they are at in their yoga journey.

Elisabeth works to provide support and modifications for yogis in bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities and her classes are low key and accessible and fun. In addition to yoga, Elisabeth enjoys spending time with her grown daughters and their partners, cooking for friends, camping or dreaming of her next trip.

Elisabeth completed training in teaching trauma informed yoga and teaches classes in a trauma aware style.


Vinyasa & Yin

JP has guided humans aged 12-107 through movement, strength and conditioning, and activities of daily living. This has driven their passion to study alignment, posture, and efficient movement to experience more joy, ease, and strength in our bodies and lives.

JP was introduced to yoga in high school as a physical workout, but came to their mat in 2018 to support their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. They began an individual yoga practice with a teacher in a safe and supportive space and found the practice deeply transformational and healing. The stillness and calm they cultivate and sustain from their practice keep them showing up to learn more. Off the mat, JP finds joy in biking, swimming, skiing, and walks in nature.

Kristin (She/Her)

Slow Flow & Yin

I found yoga over a decade ago.  As a former volleyball player living with chronic pain, yoga became essential for my well being.  I quickly fell in love, for the physical practice and the impact on my mental health.  As someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression, yoga is where I can come to and be with myself, my heart, and my inner wisdom.  I love teaching slower practices because it allows the time & space to connect with myself and listen.  In a culture that encourages achievement, I welcome the beauty of the pause.

Outside of the mat, I love connecting with other humans through humor, dance, food, and animals! I have a passion for learning, exploring the outdoors with my partner and dogs, and taking each moment as it comes.  I look forward to practicing with you!

Kristin completed training in trauma informed yoga and teaches classes in a trauma aware style.

Lacie Laurent

Lacie (She/Her)


I attended my first yoga class at a low point in life. That class was the first time I moved my body with intention; it was the first time I listened to my breath. I felt a new kind of presence and joy. Attending more classes, I saw my body strengthen and become flexible. I felt more grounded and stable in my mind. I have seen the benefits of mindful living first hand and the powerful, positive changes that come from the practice of yoga.

Today, I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. I attended my first teacher training in 2015 in Minneapolis, the following year traveling to Rishikesh, India for a 300 hour training in Hatha Yoga. Seeing how movement is medicine, I became a certified personal trainer, trained in Pilates, and completed a 300 hour training in SomaYoga. My teaching philosophy is to explore the practice of yoga for the whole being by integrating meditation, breath work, and, of course, completely nerding in explorations in anatomy. My mission as a teacher is to pass along tools so others create connection, groundedness, and flexibility, not only in their bodies, but in their daily lives.

LISA (She/hER)


Lisa found qigong over 25 years ago when a class was offered at her gym. She loved the movement, playfulness and variety of qigong. After regularly taking classes for many years from John DuCane and others in both qigong and tai chi, Lisa added yoga to her fitness routine 20 years ago when she started doing triathlons. She no longer participates in triathlons but yoga, qigong and tai chi still play an important part in her wellness routine. Life is all about balance and these softer practices are so very important to aging well.

Off the mat, she enjoys cycling, cooking and spending time playing with her dog and partner.


Lucia Yess

Lucia (she/her)

Vinyasa, Yin, & Teacher Trainer

Lucia has traveled around the globe in her pursuit to learn all she can about the art of yoga. She has studied ancient approaches to the practice and realized yoga is more than a workout. It is a way of life. Lucia’s classes are focused on integrating a healthy mind, body and soul, both on and off the mat. By applying the principles of yoga to everyday life, Lucia has found a deeper sense of peace and happiness. Her goal is to help others discover a new level of contentment.

Lucia completed training in teaching trauma informed yoga and teaches classes in a trauma aware style.


Sound Bath

Michele first encountered yoga while in college and struggling with anxiety. She quickly adopted it as a primary tool for shifting her perspective, re-orienting herself to center, and trusting in the rhythm of the Universe. She completed yoga teacher training in 2010 and has been teaching ever since. She is a scholar of yoga philosophy and the yoga sutras. She believes yoga has a unique way of allowing individuals to perceive their inner landscape and discipline the mind to be a consistent ally. For the past 10 years, she has also been studying the therapeutic use of sound and is convinced of its capacity to heal the nervous system at the deepest level. Her teaching style blends her knowledge of energy anatomy, human physiology, Jungian psychology, astrology, and a sprinkle of humor.

Sarah (SHE/HER)

Slow Flow & Yin

Sarah began practicing yoga for the physical aspect but never felt very connected to it until she signed up for teacher training, on a whim. The lightbulb went off and she felt an emotional and spiritual connection like never before. She fell in love with yoga’s deep cultural roots, spiritual teachings and philosophy. She is passionate about community and awareness and how yoga brings these two aspects together so beautifully. Sarah believes that the connection we are seeking already lives within each of us and that we can find this when we turn inward and listen. She encourages her students to be curious, playful and to follow their intuition on and off the mat. She enjoys teaching both slow and quiet classes to allow for space to be created and faster paced classes that are dynamic and energy building. She believes that yoga is for everybody and every-body and that we often practice yoga without ever stepping foot on a mat.

Sarah completed training in trauma informed yoga and teaches classes in a trauma aware style.

Steve (he/him)


This is my practice I want to share with you – show up. We can spend hours thinking and talking about all the wonderful benefits one receives from yoga; physical, mental, emotional, etc. And all of that is well and good. But the practice is about showing up. This isn’t performance, you don’t have to dress a certain way, or hold a posture to look a certain way. You don’t need to wait until you feel good enough, or are in need “of something”. We just show up and start. When we show up for ourselves, it increases our capacity to show up for everyone else in our lives; our friends, family, partners and pets. When we take care of ourselves, we are taking care of everyone in our lives. Wherever you are right now on this journey is just as important as where you are going. We don’t need to wait for something to change or happen, we can show up for ourselves.

Tara (she/her)

Yin & Restorative

Tara (she/her) was introduced to yoga in high school, and has been teaching since 2016. Tara enjoys practicing with both new and familiar students, and she invites you to be curious, let go of expectations, and connect with your playful and intuitive nature. No two classes are the same, and Tara encourages you to explore how your practice on your mat complements your practice off your mat.

Outside the studio, Tara is a grad student at the University of Minnesota and also works at the student health clinic on campus. She loves animals, traveling, cross-stitching, and cooking. (And yes, she’d like to see all the pictures of your pets!)

Timmy (They/Them)

Vinyasa & Yin

Timmy came to yoga as a dancer, falling in love with union of breath and movement as a healing and transformational practice. Their background in dance and embodied movement give the practice an emphasis in alignment, intuition and play, as well as a desire to create balance in daily routine. Expect a focus on breath, intelligent and accessible sequencing of postures, and the invitation to experiment and experience your body in new and supported ways!

VAnessa (She/Her)

Vinyasa & Slow Flow 

In 2018, a close friend encouraged me to explore the art of yoga. I was initially hesitant, feeling uncertain about my place in a community where people of color were underrepresented. However, my apprehension dissipated when I met a teacher who radiated warmth and a sense of belonging. Together, we practiced deep breathing and movement , and I soon found myself moving with grace and serenity.

As destiny would have it, I am now a certified yoga instructor. I received my 200 HR yoga teacher training through Yess Yoga in 2023. I am proficient in Vinyasa and I love to add in the things I have learned from my Restorative and Yin training. My ultimate goal is to create a sanctuary where people of all backgrounds can let go of their inhibitions and embrace their true selves. Although my journey as an instructor is ongoing, I am excited to share my passion and learn from the unique stories of others.

Victoria (She/Her)

Vinyasa & Teacher Trainer

Victoria has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and teaching for over seven. With a background in Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles, her classes tend to be physically challenging but lighthearted, in an effort to help students to explore their practice in a different way.  Victoria aims to incorporate yoga philosophy into her classes, as well as to encourage her students to take their yoga off of their mats.

Outside of yoga, Victoria also teaches Geography at a local community college and is involved in advancing sustainability at the college and in the Twin Cities.

Our Story

Yess Yoga’s focus is to be a just, third space for all to practice the ancient and timeless wisdom of Yoga. You will connect to this dynamic yoga practice through asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation. It would be common for our classes, workshops, or trainings to include the following themes; yoga theory and philosophy, Trauma Informed, Ayurveda, Astrology and many more.

Our expansive offerings are based on the teacher’s personal interest and authenticity. There will be no two classes or teachings alike so that we can truly have an inclusive and intuitive community. Feel free to express your own needs and wants in class and the teachers will do their best to include your requests.

We hope you will join us via zoom or in person!

Location & Parking

We are proudly located in the Whittier neighbor of Minneapolis, MN. There is a small parking lot directly adjacent to the studio that is reserved for studio employees. We are now offering parking for customers directly behind the studio at 2607 1st Ave S. The parking spots for Yess Yoga customers are labeled 1-5 and 9-12 (highlighted on the picture below). If you are parking in the lot, please sign in your car at the front desk. Free on-street parking is also available for customers. The studio has changing areas and bathrooms but there is no locker room or showers available. We do have small lockers available with combination locks that you can use to secure small personal items such as keys and cellphones. 

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