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Clases de Yoga en Español Gratis w/ Diane de Yoga Para La Gente

Sunday, December 11th| 11:30-12:30 pm | Gratis


Serie de Clases de Yoga en Español Gratis.

¡A partir del 9 de octubre y cada segundo domingo del mes, Yess Yoga organizará clases de yoga en español de YPLG!

No se requiere experiencia previa en yoga. Todos son bienvenidos, independientemente de su origen o fluidez en español.

Las clases están disponibles en persona o en línea. Para los asistentes presenciales, el material lo proporciona el estudio. Nuestra primera clase será impartida por la fantástica Diane Hedberg.



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Community Bodywork w/ Sarah and Timmy

Saturday, December 17th | 2-3:30 pm | $50 or $90 for 2 people


Come join Yess Yoga’s resident massage therapists, Sarah and Timmy, in giving and receiving bodywork! In this workshop, we will explore different massage and bodywork techniques, practice giving and receiving them, and then take them home to our communities and loved ones! We will practice fully clothed and on mats on the floor, learning to provide care and relaxation without needing any additional equipment.

Scholarship available for BIPOC/Trans folks

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Songs for the Turning of the Year: Full Voice Song Circle w/ Liz and Conie

Friday, Dec 30th | 7:30-9 pm | Donations $5-$20

Come breathe deep, open up, and join us for a Full Voice Song Circle as the year turns. As we let go of 2022, what needs to be celebrated? What needs to be released? What intentions would you like to set for the new year? We will sing for joy, grief, and courage, and move towards wholeness and delight.

Song leaders Conie Borchardt and Liz Digitale Anderson hold joyful, care-filled circles for you to discover freedom in your voice, de-stress your nervous system, and move your body. 
Every voice is welcome! We teach all the songs call and response- just open your mouth and echo back. We’ll sing songs to ground you, heal you, and motivate you for the new year to come.
Pre-register below + pay what you can: $5-$20 sliding scale 
You can also pay at the door. (No one turned away for lack of funds; we want you there! ❤). You can see previous setlists on Conie’s blog here.
**Notes: Because Covid is airborne and we’ll be singing, we are asking folx to mask up for this workshop. Thank you!




Elemental Magick for the New Year (one or two day workshop) w/ Nicole Nardone

Saturday, Dec 31st | 1:30-5:30 pm | $85 or both $150

Sunday, January 1st | 11:30-3:30 pm | $85 or both $150

Join Nicole Nardone for this weaving of community ritual, embodiment practice, and invocation of the spirit realm to welcome 2023. 

To align with the coming year and this deep winter season, we’ll be embodying the four directions (four elements) and invoking the support of the unseen realms. Aligning in soma and spirit with the changing seasons allows a greater and deeper felt/known sense of support as we collectively wade deeper into unknown waters.

Through intuitive, community ritual and sharing, we collectively invoke the helpful spirits, healed ancestors, and guides from each direction/element. Nicole will guide an embodiment practice for each directional influence (kundalini-influenced practices, breath work, meditation, qi gong). We’ll end each day with a group ritual and sharing.

In this season of Capricorn, we’re all learning how to be good ancestors for the future generations. We’ll end our final session with a potent collective prayer practice, together invoking the world we want to live in. This collective prayer amplifies any individual intentions we may have for the new year, and aligns our bodies, hearts, souls with the infinite pulse of creation that flows through all. 

It’s highly recommended to attend both sessions, but a la carte attendance is also welcomed. You’ll leave with practices to continue feeding your intentions/prayers, as well as guidance on how to work with the four directions/elements for alchemy and creation in seasons to come.

No experience necessary. These workshops are created for those who identify as female, as we will be orienting with the female energy map of the body (breasts, womb, yoni).

The Alchemical Vessel:

In this session, we begin by acquainting ourselves with the directions/elements, with a focus on the axis of alchemy (east + west). We’ll create collective altars and make offerings, inviting in the spirit world.

We open with the east, embodying the sacred archetype of the wise fool. Practice a kundalini yoga kriya for neuroplasticity (breakthroughs in habits + mental patterns) and breath work for clear vision.

We embody the watery west, invoking the archetype of the witch. Learn taoist tantric alchemy for clearing karmic + ancestral patterning, and nourishing the feminine sexual waters (womb + kidneys). 

We end with a potent, collective water ritual for grief release, and nourishment of prayers. Please bring your own water vessel, filled with sacred water (details given upon registration).


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Elemental Magick for the New Year: Invoking Creation w/ Nicole Nardone

Sunday, January 1st | 1:30-5:30 pm | $85 or both $150

In this session, we focus on the axis of creation (south + north). We’ll create collective altars and make offerings, inviting in the spirit world.

We open with the south, embodying the innocent warrior. Through kundalini + qi gong, activate your unique connection to the kundalini of the earth. Invoke your primal power of creation, aligned with deep peace.

Our final direction is the north, aligned with this season of the winter solstice. Practice meditation to spark intuitive capacity and connection to ancestral + spirit realms. Calibrate your power of prayer: your capacity to weave spirit and matter (north and south).

To end, we cocoon within the sacred center of the spiral with a collective fire ritual to invoke our prayers for the world we want to live in, as well as our individual prayers. Time for reflection and sharing will close our container.

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Intro to Yoga w/ Elisabeth

Saturday, January 7th | 1:30-3 pm | $25/person or $40/two people

Have you ever thought that since you can’t touch your toes that yoga might not be for you? Join us for this introductory workshop where we will spend 90 minutes going over essential yoga poses and offer up variations using props. Together we will share how to move into the physical practice of yoga in a body positive safe supported space. This workshop is accessible to all levels, including beginners in bodies of all sizes, abilities. Grab a friend or neighbor, or simply invite yourself to try something new! 

During this workshop, you will:
  • Explore yoga poses that work for your body, including finding ways to use props to assist in your practice.
  • Show your body the love it deserves in a welcoming, fun, low key environment.
  • Note: Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in. 


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Yoga and Acupuncture w/ Tatum & Constellation Acupuncture

Sunday, January 8th | 7-8:30 pm | $35


Yoga and acupuncture are a match made in the chillest of heavens. Whether you’re new to acupuncture, yoga or you love them both, this is an accessible and affordable way to combine these two healing modalities at once, each month at Yess Yoga.

This 90-minute trauma-informed yoga class will begin with a slow flow / yin yoga practice and conclude with an extended savasana needle nap. Together, the two complementary modalities will provide an opportunity for folks to relax and find balance. Tatum Fjerstad, a yoga teacher and licensed acupuncturist from Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts will be leading the yoga and providing the acupuncture. All levels are welcome. Bring your own mat and water bottle. 


*Masks worn, limited numbers, and spaced out. 

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Candlelight Reiki and Restorative Yoga w/ Lynn and Elisabeth 

Friday, January 7th | 6:30-8 pm | $40/person or $70/two people

Join Elisabeth and Lynn for an evening of reiki and restorative yoga as we transition into the new year. Elisabeth will be guiding you through a restorative yoga practice while Lynn offers individual, hands on reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique consisting of hands-on energy work used for stress reduction and relaxation.  When combined with restorative yoga this can be a space of deep rest and healing.


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    Reiki Level 1 Training w/ Liz Flavin

    Friday, Jan 20th. 1-5 pm | Saturday, Jan 21. 9-3 pm | $200

    Do you want to learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself or others?

    Join Liz Flavin, Reiki Master and Teacher to learn the Reiki natural system for healing mind, body and spirit. Reiki is a spiritually guided Universal Life Force Energy that anyone can learn to connect to. Liz offers training in the Usui Reiki lineage, the foundation for all modern variations of Reiki.
    Reiki Level 1 is an introduction into the gentle, yet powerful art of Reiki healing. Delve into the customs and techniques that open your energy channels and enable Reiki energy to flow freely though you. Level 1 Reiki is an entrance into activating your innate ability to use Reiki to treat and heal yourself and others.


    Included in this training:

    • Traditional Japanese techniques created by Reiki founder, Mikao Usui and his Masters
    • The Traditional Reiki Origin Story
    • What Reiki and is how it works
    • Reiki principles for living a balanced, peaceful life
    • 4 attunements to help release stagnant energy and connect to Reiki healing energy
    • Techniques to ground, center and protect your energy
    • Techniques for treating yourself and others
    • Creative ways to use Reiki on animals, plants and so much more
    • Ample hands on practice time to give and receive Reiki


    Upon completion, you will receive:


    •  A printed certificate of completion
    •  A community of support (new Reiki friends)
    • Ongoing access to Liz Flavin for questions, support and mentorship




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      Gong Bath w/ Michele

      Sunday, January 22nd | 7-8 pm | $20 

      The use of vibration and sound is a critical tool for healing the human nervous system. We have all been in a state of uncertainty, anxiety, and dis-ease. These states of being tax the nervous system – both over-driving the sympathetic (flight or flight) nervous system and inhibiting the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. The yogis wisely noted that sound is the language of the parasympathetic nervous system and soothes a vata (or constant movement) imbalance. Here is an opportunity to allow your nervous system to repair and rejuvenate in a bath of sound vibrations. Class will begin with some insights about current astrology, stretching or calming yoga, and then 30-40 minutes of a gong bath. *If you are prone to headaches, please bring a head covering (hat, scarf, bandana, etc). *Minimum age for participation is 11-years-old. 


      Prenatal Yoga w/ Izzy

      Wednesday’s, November 23rd – January 4th | 5:30-6:45 pm | $70/series or $15/drop-in


      Prenatal yoga can help with sleep, optimize baby’s position for birth, soothe the common physical discomforts associated with pregnancy, and help you feel more connected to your body as you prepare for childbirth (and beyond!). This series is taught by Izzy Adair, a certified birth and postpartum doula CD/PCD(DONA), Khalsa Way teacher, and certified perinatal yoga  instructor (trained by the Prenatal Yoga Center of NYC). In addition to being an experienced perinatal yoga teacher (RYPT), Izzy is also an E-RYT 500 and has a background as a professionally trained dancer. She incorporates simple dance and movement techniques throughout her classes to help students feel stronger and more confident as they prepare for their birth. In her classes, movement is used to prepare your body and baby for an easier birth.

      Each class will include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and movement all specifically designed to prepare the body for a better birth and postpartum experience. 

      We’ll get to know each other through weekly check ins, share the ups and downs of pregnancy, move, and breathe together as a group.