By Adam Ruggiero


The chakra series culminates with a practice focused on the Thousand-petal White Lotus of sheer enlightenment and peace, commonly referred to as the Crown chakra. Whereas all other chakras have vortices throughout the physical body, the seventh chakra lay just above the head, opening upward to the heavens in passive supplication to universe.

With full, unobstructed energetic flow through all seven chakras, one finds oneself in a place of peace and tranquility. When the lotus has opened its thousand petals, knowing – and more importantly, acceptance – of all things is absorbed. It is the Jedi level of yogic practice and it comes with miraculous powers.

The best news: You already have it.

The beauty of “enlightenment” is that it does not require the attainment of exogenous things we lack; it is about remembering the knowledge we’ve always had and taking comfort in knowing we always will. Most meditative practices work to quiet “roof-brain chatter” (at the crown of the head) that inhibits our innate ability to hear our inner voice. That voice is always speaking, softly, reminding us what we need and how may obtain it. Through meditation, we move inward into stillness and quiet, and we listen.

When out of balance at the crown chakra, we may feel apathy, isolation, purposelessness, or boredom. If overactive, we tend toward spiritual obsession, overzealous pursuit of non-earthly delights, or spending too much time in the clouds. A yoga practice aimed at opening the seventh chakra must focus on stillness, quiet and meditativeness – basically a tailor-made yin practice.


Try these Crown Chakra Yin Poses

Dangling – increase circulation to the crown; physically and symbolically bowing forward and shedding ego.

Standing – connect earth and spirit by inhaling, drawing energy up from the earth to the crown, and exhaling, sending it back to the earth.

Marauding bear to Downdog – hits all chakras; allow deep stillness to spread throughout nervous system.

Rabbit – plug the crown of your head into the earth and feel ease spread through the body..

Firelog with tall spine – visualize the white lotus opening just atop your head, petal by petal.

Child’s pose – return to the body.

Wall arch – gentle inversion that sends energy and awareness back into the upper chakras.

Butteryfly w/legs up wall – affirm: “I am open to the joy of my universal connection to all beings,” or “I trust my inner-knowing to guide me through life. All people in my life are here to teach me something about myself.”

Legs up wall – fell scalp, skull and brain relax.

Savasana – fell the body resting in the palm of a Great Hand of Divine Energy (whatever that may be for you); you are completely supported; surrender.

Pranic absorption – draw prana through the open lotus atop your head and feel white light spread throughout your body.

Namaste – bow to your internal divinity; bow to the same divinity within others.

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