By Lucia Yess


When I think about poses that I never want to get out of, child’s pose is the first that comes to mind. There is this sensation of total relaxation that I can’t get enough of. When else do you get to rest on yourself.

Child’s pose is incredibly supportive. It generates stability since your feet together and your hips wide. Plus you get time to rest your entire stomach, chest, and head on your body or the ground. This pose asks you to either extend your arms or plant them next to you. Either way your entire physical body lets go and helps your mind do the same. It gives into gravity and allows you to surrender.  It is a perfect example of effortless effort.

Child’s pose helps you ground and creates more openings for you. It helps your hips open up which is great for your base. It also opens up your heart, if your hands reach forward. Or it opens up your high back and shoulders if you take your hands by your side.  What a gift to balance out your body in these two ways; opening and stability/grounding.

Try it when you need to let go. Try it when you need to unwind. Heck, try it when you are just getting up and don’t want to move. It is wonderful and deserves it’s kudos. Check out this video if you have questions and it will help direct you through it.