Dear Yess Yoga community

This community is my family, my heart and my soul. I am deeply grateful for you.

An article today in the Star Tribune has caused me to face some harsh truths, and I’m deeply sorry for any of the harm you may have felt. Teachers, myself, and the Yess Yoga mission denounces QAnon completely. Yess Yoga is not aligned or believes the conspiracy theories shared by QAnon. We fully believe this group spreads misinformation that is dangerous and harmful and we will not stand for this in our shared community or classes. At this moment we are creating a new schedule which continues to bring voices that represent our mission, specifically being an accessible and equitable space for all.

As the owner of Yess Yoga, I take responsibility and am actively going to make changes and repair. I started Yess Yoga to be an equitable space but there is a clear light of where I made a mistake. I am sorry. 

I feel a deep responsibility to this community and to honor Yoga’s roots, which ask us to be a catalyst for change and social justice. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

As many of you know, I am a very intimate person and invite your feedback, concerns, emotions, and perspectives to be emailed to me as I want to support you, now more than ever. We will be hosting a community meeting to have an open dialogue for restorative justice. I sincerely know there are many necessary steps for us to move forward and foster your trust, healing and growth again. I am committed to be in this work and humbled to have you join.

I know through these challenging times, a community who can be honest, direct, messy and heartfelt will move towards collective dreams and clear expectations. I look forward in sharing this evolved community with you.

Much gratitude and love,