By Lucia Yess


After embracing our women’s winter workshop, Tara, a woman who lived in Denmark mentioned that the studio was “Hygge”.  Tara must have read on my face, “Umm is that a thing that I want”, because she quickly explained what it meant.

In Denmark, they too have long cold and uninviting winters. Instead of complaining and shutting off they “hygge”. Roughly translated, to make things cozy with the ones you love.

So how can we do this here in Minnesota? When you come home make sure the lighting is to your liking; light candles and turn off lights that interfere with relaxing.  Take time enjoy warm drinks; tea, coffee, Glogg (a Swedish mulled wine), or Tom and Jerry’s if you have my dad over.  Invite people to your home or even better go outside an make a fire in the snow. Being around people is a huge part of hygge and fire, or visuals or warmth, help to set to mood too!

At Yess Yoga we are dedicated to light candles in our plants that not only give off a warm glow but also bring the plants alive. Seeing green makes me and so many people feel like we are in the tropics again.

It’s simple but sometimes simple is all we need to get through long, cold nights.