By Lucia Yess


I am the oldest of three girls. We (Erin, Taylor, and I) spent most of our childhood in Winona, MN. This town is nestled between the Mississippi River and spectacular bluffs. The beautiful backdrop was where the three of us learned, changed, and became women.

Our mom, Judy (who is the beauty above), stayed at home with us and actively made us aware of the importance of friendship. By example, she taught us how to treat other girls, young ladies, and women.  Our mom made it known that everyone can bring something to the table. We were expected to listen and learn from each person we met. This lesson means the world to me and I incorporate it everyday at the studio, which is mainly woman.

Woman are amazing but there is no secret that ladies can be competitive with one another, especially in a yoga class.  It was my goal to eliminate the shadow between woman and create an inviting community.  If we can do this effectively, I think it will make everyone more comfortable and own their personal light.  To appreciate another woman’s power, success, and beauty is something I am happy to acknowledge, talk into, and work towards.

yess yoga julieFor those who have been to an all women’s class at Yess, whether intentionally by going to Julie’s “Women’s Yoga” class or by chance, you will know we are all about the ladies. Lets raise up together!