By Lucia Yess


Winter is on our backs and we can’t hide from it. Instead lets open up our upper body and embrace it by relaxing our shoulders away from our ears. As many of you know, as soon as the wind hits you, your shoulders drive up to keep in warmth. Eventually this starts to bother our neck muscles and upper body. Find time every day to unwind and let your shoulders settle back down.

Neck stretches aren’t always complicated.  Draw your hands together behind your back and broaden your upper body. Follow along with this short Yess Yoga video to get relief.This pose can be done at your desk, at home, or waiting in a line at the grocery store. Stop the pain and let go of your tension in your neck with a few short minutes. You deserve relaxation.

What if you tried this out every day for a minute on each side? Would you start seeing results? There is only one way to find out, try it today! Start by adding healthy yoga habits into your routine.We can’t abandon winter but we can make it more enjoyable by opening up to it with neck stretches.