By Lucia Yess


Svadhyaya is broken down, into two parts. First, ‘Sva’ means self and the second, adhyaya means ‘study’, ‘inquiry’, or ‘examination’. This fourth niyama asks us to learn about oneself on the inside. To go within and study.To gather more information and truths about yourself so you can become “close to oneself, through meditation and self-exploration” said Being Yoga.
To do this we must let go of habits and beliefs that are damaging and harmful to our body, mind, and soul. Once you start to study yourself more, you will find tendencies that don’t suit you anymore. Habits that don’t honor you.
One way remove these ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that don’t speak to you anymore is through mediation, asana (postures), or pranyama (breath-work). As you free yourself of these non-supportive qualities, habits, or beliefs you will be more apt to find your genuine self.

I believe we all deserve our inner truth, our inner light as the guide to our life. When I find myself annoyed or frustrated I check in to see what is out of balance. What has been taking me off my path. When these emotions arrive I don’t shame myself or doubt myself. I study myself with compassion and love.

Our thoughts, emotions, and physical tension are signs for us to listen. To observe. To slow down and reflect. So give yourself the best gift of all, you.