I take a unique approach to vinyasa teaching, with the goal to expand a student’s view on what a vinyasa practice might look like. I was taught that vinyasa was defined as “to move in a special way”, I try to take that definition to heart each time I bring a group of students together and strive to find special ways to move through poses. A vinyasa class can be big flowing movement on each breath and small movements to explore one pose deeper.

No class is ever the same as the students in the room are never the same. My main focus each class are safe alignment and encouraging each student to explore their yoga beyond what I suggest throughout the hour. When I see a student add in an extra twist, bind, or pose, I am happy they feel comfortable taking the lead in their time on the mat. As Swami Kripalu said “ to perform any action artfully is yoga” and from what I see each class, we have amazing yoga happening at Yess Yoga.


-Sara G.