This is a slow, quiet class designed to take you deeper into your body and self. Poses are done mostly on the floor and held for 1-5 minutes to deepen flexibility in your connective tissues (rather than building muscle strength like most yang styles of yoga). As you become still and relax into poses, there’s also a great opportunity to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and inner listening. Yin yoga is therapeutic for the nervous system, helping to move away from the fight-or-flight response so many of us spend our days in and instead activate our relaxation response. We use a LOT of props in this class, along with modifications and variations to make poses work for most bodies. It’s a great complement to more active pursuits and a wonderful way to prepare your body for seated meditation!

-Anna Befort


Take the time to learn what shows up when you sit still. Yin is a practice of self-study. Rather than striving for ideals, this practice is focused on learning to be with what is, discerning between sensory inputs, such as comfort and discomfort. Classes are grounded in philosophy and incorporate principles of movement, especially focusing on functional end-range for activities and life off the mat. Instead of focusing on flexibility as a goal, changes in range of motion may be a part of the practice of slowing down, but self-awareness is the primary focus of this class.

-Dylan G.