By Lucia Yess


My dear friends Anne and Brandon are on a yogic adventure around Asia. They have spent months in India exploring and practicing but have a whole agenda that will amaze. Their blog, The Yoga Nomads, and pictures have kept this wandering spirit in me satisfied. It is seriously worthy.

The blog has studio reviews so traveling yogis can find a studio. Their honesty helps when deciding which class to go to. Also, I love that they have pictures. It helps get a feel of the space and the community. We even made the cut! Check out Yess Yoga’s review.

Their “Anne’s Pack List” tab is greatly appreciated.  As a traveler it is hard to always know what to pack, especially if you are going to multiple locations.  Often times you have to find a balance between enough items in cold and hot locations. Plus it all has to be carried on your back!  It is an easy to read too.

I am inspired by people like Anne and Brandon who try new ideas and break boundaries. Cheers to people like this in our world who bring joy, passion, and creativity to those they meet.

Find them on Facebook too.