By Lucia Yess


So often I think. I wonder. I question. Am I doing what I am supposed to?  Is this what my gifts are intended to be doing?  What the heck does my path mean?

These questions are overwhelming if you keep going around and around in your head. It is so easy for me to stay there, in the my thinking self. I have a tendency to go to anxiety if I feel out of balance. For me,this is a clear sign I need to slow down and breathe.

Then I go back to this inspiring saying “you are in the right place”. It makes me remember that all things, people, questions, challenges, and aspects of life are supposed to be as they are and because of that, it is perfect.

The right place doesn’t always have to feel happy and comfortable. In fact some of my best moments were a bit grungy.  I got out of my head and observed my life.  These places or scenarios were difficult but allowed me to slow down and align myself again. It was right where I needed to be. I watched. I listened. I was.

I challenge you and myself to find our right place today. Try to be silent in it. Try to be present.