The theme of Acknowledgement beautifully aligns with the gratitude I’d like to express for you all.

My partner Max and I are moving back to northern California this weekend. We will reunite with family, play in the mountains, and I will graduate with my Doctorate of Chiropractic in the fall.

We are leaving feeling so full. Full of love and of grief, two different sides of the same emotion. Thank you to Lucia and the Yess Yoga community for inviting friendship. Friendship with each other, with our own bodies, and with this resilient earth that is our home. I’ve learned so much about how the recognition of lineage and unique identity is the foundation for creating new conditions and practices that allow us to thrive. Thank you for teaching me how to listen more deeply, and for holding my hand through periods of complexity, exploration, exhaustion, and celebration. And thank you for dancing with me!

The level of inspiration, loss, and joy that I’ve experienced with you all is unparalleled. Community at Yess expresses itself as authentic action and togetherness. To feel included in this has been the most unexpected gift of this time in Minneapolis.

Thank you to Lucia for giving me and us all a chance to try, to grow, to feel at home. I hope to reunite soon.