By: Lucia Yess

First, happy solstice! May we enjoy the darkest night with each other and our inner light.

Wow, there were plenty of moments to celebrate this year but also places of shadow that came up too. YES! I love this time of year. It is the time to reflect. To grow. To evolve. I hope you continue to cherish the pieces of your experience that you want to dive into and reevaluate the parts that no longer serve you. How do you do this?

Slow down. Notice. Be.

In the next few days, relax then begin to observe yourself, your relationships, work, and thoughts. Do they energize you? Continue, you are on your path. However, if you feel drained or exhausted afterwords, you may need to shift something so you are more joyful and honored.

It is hard to let go, but you can release with love and gratitude. Take a moment when you are energetically releasing to say, “thank you, I wish you well”.  Breathe. Exhale. Smile.

I believe in the power of reflection and setting intentions. Do you?