WOW, we are five years old and can not be more honored that you have shared your time and energy with us. THANK YOU!

When I grabbed the keys to Yess Yoga and started renovation, I never thought we would have such a successful community. I was just back from India and inspired to start a studio that was yearning to be in Minneapolis. One full of magic, growth, and social justice. Over the years these dreams have come into reality because of you.

Yess is here because you are the magic makers, the social justice believers, and the stimulaters of growth. You have walked into our doors and shared your personal story in some way. You have been present with yourself and able to connect with others in our community. This is how we make the word “yoga”, to come into union, actually happen.

You are the reason why we can say, “let’s do this another 20 plus years”. You are the ones who make life so vibrant and grounded.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.