There is no doubt that each of us has a specific presence. It’s the way people feel when they are in your company. As well as the void, when you are no longer present. “Presence” is what I want us to explore for the next new moon cycle. Specifically, the presence that you want to leave in the rooms and communities you are invested in.

This idea recently came to me while I mourned the loss of our beloved dog/sister/friend, Abby. Abby Dabby to be exact. She was with David and I for almost ten years and when we came home with this spunky foster dog, estimated to be 2 years old, we were quickly in love. She was tender, protective, and adventurous. Abby knew her people and poured into us in such therapeutic ways. She loved deeply with those big brown eyes, sideways sleeping habits and body hugs on the couch. Abby’s presence lasts in so many people’s hearts, and mine, well it’s broken. Her presence is deeply missed.

As I embrace grief and the visible ache in my body, I reflect on the power of authentic presence and what it means to be more aware of it while alive. Questions I have been noodling on;

  • How am I showing up in spaces I feel (fill in the blank) in? *Words to fill in could be “safe, cherished, appreciated, seen, invisible, or temporary”.
  • What energy am I offering the world?
  • How can I be clued into my presence on others and make sure it is authentic to my Atman (highest Self)?
  • What body language am I noticing when I am in the company of others and how does that inform me on my impact on their life?

I offer these questions to you as we explore “presence” this moon cycle. You could also share with others what their essence gives to you/our world. What is more loving than letting someone know that their presence has a genuine or transformational impact on your life. Can you think of something more tender to express to another person? Let’s spend this month letting people know that they matter and give them concrete and unique ways that their presence in your life makes a difference.

If I have learned one thing these last few weeks, it feels more meaningful to love and lose than to never be loved at all.