By Lucia Yess


Good-bye winter and hello spring. Spring traditionally means cleaning your home, eating healthier foods, and moving your body. Yess Yoga encourages healthy daily life habits. So this blog series will focus on the complete YOU.

Start by ridding your closet. There are plenty of organizations around Minneapolis and St. Paul that appreciate your lightly used items. Give. Some of our favorites are Sharing and Caring Hands (525 North 7th Street), Steeple People (2004 Lyndale Ave S.), and Epilepsy Foundation (1600 University Ave. W. Suite 300, St. Paul). Also check out Time to Organize’s website for more worthy Twin Cities organizations. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill.

After giving to others, take time to sweep, mop, and vacuum.  You’ll love the way your bare feet feel on the floors. You’ll probably want to pull out your yoga mat and stretch a bit.

Finish the cleanse with sage. Sage and Smudge is a common ritual for clearing out the old and unwanted energy in a space. Get some dried sage, it can be found at Magus Book Ltd. in Minneapolis.  Light the end of the pack. Open your windows and doors and allow the smoke to linger out along with denser energy. Afterwords your home will be ready for the new season and so will you.

Hint: Take time to make your space right for you. Each of us has different preferences so go with your gut and make it special for your lifestyle. Remember cleaning is meditative and silent. Make it peaceful. Make it personal. Make it YOU.Lt
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