By Lucia Yess


Yoga is rooted in mindfulness. It can take you to a place where the worries of yesterday and the future don’t exist. It can lead you to a present state. It can allow you to let go of the worries of right now and just breathe. But how? How can it accomplish all this and look like a stretch?

Yoga’s intention is to bring you into awareness of the present moment through noticing your physical breath. Bring your attention to the air that comes in and goes out. Watch this for a while. When thoughts arrive, take a moment to notice them without judgement. Thoughts are neither good or bad, they just are. So send them off. Go back to the breath and the posture you are in.

The postures in yoga have different physical benefits. They range from strength, stability, and even a cleanse. The postures are meant to be relaxed into with breath. Each pose has unique traits that will aid you or challenge you. Ideally they give you a glimpse of mental relief while tuning into your physical self. Yoga is apart of your path into a complete mindful person but it is not the complete picture.

Mindfulness is a state. Often times related to bliss. We reach this state through a lot of different outlets. See if yoga for mindfulness can be added to your life.