Last weekend I spent a night “up north” with some girlfriends. We were celebrating a friend’s life transition and it dawned on me….there is nothing like being around people who get you. Who inherently love and support you. Who you can be quiet, loud, laugh, and get angry with and they still see you as a light-being.

When did you meet your closest of people, pets, places? How long do/did these relationships last? For each of us the answer is different but one thing is certain, when we have felt truly seen and loved, we are often times in awe of human connection.

I write this to say, let’s spend this spring connecting. Connect to yourself, nature, and each other. I love the intimacy that these warmer months offer us. We often times allow ourselves to interact sweeter to a stranger. Maybe you’ve even noticed yourself making more eye contact or started a conversation with a stranger while waiting in line. Maybe you came to yoga and put your mat next to someone instead of making your own row? All these gestures allow you to be seen as well as uniting with another person who could dearly need/want a connection.

Remember, we are one. We are sourced of and from love. Lets connect and feel seen this spring.