I was getting a massage the other day and realized that I rarely touch Elliott’s full abdomen scar because I am afraid of it. My heart hurt. I know the importance of holding him physically and emotionally in this way.

For those who don’t know, our one year old just had a liver transplant last month, well actually two transplants and one additional surgery. The surgeon’s team used the same incision all three times which means the scar tissue could potentially be deep, unless we continue to work the area with love and hands on touch.

Immediately when arriving home, I gave Elliott a belly rub. We rolled around on our tummies, sang and laughed. It was the sweetest moment. He too wanted to be in relationship with his full story but desired some guidance. 

I tell this story because in yoga we have a word for these imprints, impressions, scars, wounds, etc. It’s called “Samskara”. We talk a lot about this topic in our Intuitive and Authenticity training, (p.s. there are a couple spots left in September’s training, message me if you are interested). But here’s the quick version. We go through life collecting data about everything that happens around and to us. This information then imprints onto us and influences our perceptive. As a yogi, we consciously go into states of observation to unwind these samskara’s so we can live from true self (Atman). 

It dawned on me how many scars, both physically and emotionally, that I still have to touch, feel, and love. I am so grateful to add yogic tools and practices to unravel the old stories so I can live more beautifully and simply. This may be my life’s calling.

Do you have scars that you want to observe? Who or where are you getting support from, so you can do your deep soul’s work? I would love to know how Yess Yoga could continue to support you better! Let us know.