The last month we focused on acknowledgement. I had a feeling it would be powerful but this intention rippled into my life in such impactful ways. April reminded me that yoga is acknowledgement.

I feel honored that we spent a month together being more present with life. So here’s to continuing our intentional routine of witnessing the “here and now” together at Yess Yoga. Which leads me to our new moon for May, cherish. *yes I know this is coming a day late but I was cherishing Kindergarten open house with Elliott 🙂

The last three weeks, my family had some really big changes and experiences. Moments that I deeply felt in my body. Situations where it was evident what matters most in life. Yes, it is safe to assume that these moments were intense, as most often when we get clear on what’s most important, there is an edge to it.

In fear of sugarcoating any of these stories, or adding so much silver-lining to make them palatable, I will refrain from diving into the specifics. But don’t fret the drafts are on hand when the time comes. The main take away was that I was yet again confronted with the preciousness of life. How we as humans want such basic and similar things. How safety/support/housing and health are truly the foundations of a joy filled life.

And personally when I get to these moments of acknowledging what really matters, I find myself deeply cherishing life.

I cherish a world where people have a home and can move freely based on their own consent and desires. I cherish a world where people are healthy and get support when they need it without fear. I cherish schools, neighborhoods, and relationships that uplift and expand one’s ability to share and receive love and joy. I cherish legal and food systems that aid in true justice and healing. I even cherish the times when I am placed against a challenge and have to slow down enough to really notice.

Let’s spend this month remembering and sharing what we cherish about life. Moving away from the grind or numbing and into our “*mighty softness” (as heard on social media the other day). When we tap into what we cherish, we become more connected to our authenticity and each other.

What have you been cherishing lately?….. Yes, this is an invitation to email me or share at the studio. I would love to hear from you.

I cherish you.

*if you know who said “mighty softness please let me know, I’d love to credit them.