Backstory for those new to this community: It’s been four months since Elliott (our one year old) received his liver transplant. We have been at the hospital at least twice a week and sometimes up to four times a week doing labs, check-ups, and ultrasounds. For the most part his recovery has been a thrilling success (insert happy tears #1). 

Today’s gratitude story: Today, after leaving Elliott’s appointment at 7:30 am, I saw one of his night nurses laughing & carrying a large crockpot with a fellow nurse. My heart stopped and my mind raced. “What was her name. Her name what was it again” I thought. For those who don’t know I am relatively good at remembering names.  And sure enough, “KATE! It’s Kate.”

The next thing I knew, I was running yelling, “KATE. KATE.” She stopped looked over at a freezing baby and mom with water instantly coming out of my eyes (insert happy tears #2). “Hi, you my not remember but this is Elliott”, I said. She smiled and replied “of course I remember Elliott, he is looking so fabulous”. Now I am crying actually crying. “Yes”, I sniffled, “and he is four months post-op and doing amazing. I just wanted to say how much you mean to our family. You were apart of the hardest nights of my life. Your support and wisdom is so deeply appreciated. I think about you all the time. Thank you so much”. Now the tears are dripping out of my ears and I have no hands to wipe my face, nor does she because, well she’s Minnesotan and carrying a crockpot from work.

So there we stand, smiling and catching up on Ellie Belly’s health and just feeling incredibly grateful. So sincerely grateful. I realized once back in my car, that this was true gratitude. The kind that brings you to tears because I actually can’t imagine my life without this stranger. Kate was with us a total of two nights. I have known her for less then 48 hours and yet, I can truly say that she will forever be in my well wishes.

Imagine, you too have probably impacted someone in such a profound way and may never know because your paths don’t cross or they never share. But I am here to say as a human who has deeply needed another human, “thank you! Thank you for existing. For loving what you do. For seeing the good in people and wanting to make this world a better place however you feel your skills and passions do that best. You are an inspiration. You are needed.”

with love and endless gratitude