By Elisabeth Pletcher


Why Body Love at Yess?  Isn’t every class about body love?
May I greet my body with gentleness
May I soften when life invites me to harden
May I listen to my intuition with wisdom and trust it with ease
and May I appreciate my body a little more in this moment, just as I am. 
~Anna Guest-Jelley, Curvy Yoga Founder
If you have taken a class with Elisabeth, you know she begins each class with this meditation.  We are excited to collaborate to bring this intention in to our monthly Body Love Gathering at Yess. The purpose and drive behind creating this safe space to gather each month grew from those conversations that often happen as students linger after class is over.  They are often about clarifying modifications or use of props and styles of yoga pants, yes! But deeper still are those conversations about finding a welcome to the yoga mat just as you are, living and accepting ourselves fully and abundantly regardless of body size or ability and previous experiences we have had in the world where we haven’t always felt accepted.
Our Body Love Gathering allows us to dive deep and focus not only on asana, the physical practice of yoga, but also on so much more.  Each month includes pranyama, meditation, movement and community and focuses on a unique topic and is open and welcoming to everybody and every Body. We would love to have you join in, sign up for one month or come every month!
Aprils Body Love focus in on Awakening, please join us!